Bolvar quest line

So im told blizz removed the weekly cooldown on the Bolvar quest line,. but after saving Jaina i got no follow ups, i have relogged and waitied a day but still no new quest, anyone else got this problem?

It seems to be pretty buggy at the moment.

I got Bolvars quest to go into Twisted Corridors on my Monk, but didn’t actually get any drops for the quest item until I did layer 7?

thx for the fast reply. that might be a issue i havent done that floor yet i dont think. will give it a try ty

same here, did save janna but no quests available. would be amazing to have some stuff more clear.

According to Blizzard on EU:

“While it will be faster to catch up now, there are still some limitations on how much you can progress in a single week. So if you can’t get the next quest just yet, just check back again next week.”

So guess Jaina’s portion is still time gated, whereas apparently Thrall and Auduin’s aren’t. /confused

The official patch notes just say that “some” of the restrictions were removed but they didn’t specify which ones. Why they didn’t remove them all is beyond me.

I read that.

Would be nice of Blizzard to come out and say which quests are time gated and which are not anymore.

oh well that sucks. i just did layer 8 and got no quest so guess i gotta wait then. thx all

I’m assuming you may be able to do each “chapter” in one week now. I logged in, and I was behind on the Thrall saving part. But, it let me do every quest of the Thrall line this week. So, maybe it only allows you to completely do one “save x person” quest and their pre-requisites each week?

Something like that? Just a thought.

Why can’t we just play the expansion, there’s no reason for this time gating.
This sheer greed is ruining the game, do they not see this???

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It could just be a bug?
I know on my alt i did the “finding thrall” quest and when i turned it in immediately after that I could pick up the rescuing thrall quest