[Bold] Recruiting Mythic+ Key Runners and Social Players!

[Bold - Stormrage]

-About us-
Bold was formed with the goal of creating a Cutting Edge team. Since then, it has grown quite a bit. We are home to two raid teams and an active Mythic+ community lead by an energetic Key Coordinator. We encourage anyone to join, no matter what your thing is, whether it be questing, socializing, transmog hunting, casual keys or even if you’re new and learning. We want to maintain an active, welcoming, and fun community.
We invite anyone who wants to help boost that ideal.
Come join and check out the unique experience that Bold has to offer.

-Mythic Plus Community-
We have a dedicated Officer that works to bring people with similar key interests together. Their job is to coordinate dates and times for everyone to get together to either push their key or farm crests.
Our Mythic+ Officer is in place to make sure everyone is sticking to their appropriate gear level, knowledge level and talent level. As well as, helping them achieve their gear, knowledge and talent level goals.

No more having to trust a pug for a 16 only to have them brick your key!
Have a higher chance at successfully timing your 20+ with people you know you can trust!

-Raid teams-
CE Team:
SAT/SUN 8:30PM – 12:00AM EST
Midcore Mythic:
WED/THUR 8:30PM – 11:30PM EST

If Bold seems like a good fit for you, please reach out on Discord or Btag

Recruiter: victoriakins / VictoriaKins#1971
Mythic+ Officer: synderino / Brucewayng#1396

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i would like to join :smiley:

Add me on bnet and I get invite you :slight_smile: VictoriaKins#1971

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