⚠️ BoD Meta Mount is for Horde Only


If you’re going to be pedantic you should at least be correct.

“It doesn’t affect me” and “It does not have an effect on me.” Those are the two variations.

(Finalchaotic) #97

Well, I will give you a point. Context aside. :+1:

in simple terms: Affect is TO impact/change, Effect is the result OF a change.


Who cares about E or A
in improper forum speech you should not correct people,
to do so is pretentious if you understood what they meant, if you did not understand what they said than its not pretentious.

(Finalchaotic) #99

Yes sir! Salute


Sorry but I was always told if you understood the message then its counter productive to go back and “correct” it

(Grumbles) #101

While I too am looking forward to the bee mount with great excitement, please remember it wasn’t confirmed that it would be Alliance only. Our fearless leader (giggle) only implied that it would be. Don’t be shocked if it is actually open to both sides.


(Teiah) #103

Seriously can do without another Dino mount of any kind.

(Raicolette) #104

Not surprised.

(Apocalypseqq) #105

That’s ok i have invincible as my number 1 mount.


By the light of elune what is this abomination ?

(Hamstar) #107

I want a rainbow horse…

(Hamstar) #108

So does Alliance now officially have access to all of the “horde” BfA racial mounts?

(Hawkéns) #109

my horse, is better than that dinosaur, her name is buttercup and she is beautiful!

(Felsavior) #110

Clearly a bug. But thanks for trying to incite a faction argument.

(Revolutionx) #111

try flipping the situation around then simply calling it a bug

(Lucifuge) #112

Was there more too this story, or are you just that desperate for attention my granite glamor?



To PARTIALLY ruin your fun / dampen your expectations.

The mount isn’t yet in the game. It’s been data mined / hacked in private environments. The data trail / trend of it’s reveal suggests it can be a cosmetic store mount.

(Kittredge) #114

Only if they complain hard enough… which they will… so yes, eventually.


We are aware of this issue and it is already in the process of being resolved. The Glory of Dazar’alor meta achievement reward is not for one faction.