BM Hunter most easy / op class in the game

Recent nerfs did not address anything.

Still the most easy / op class in the game in any content…


Got your butt handed to ya did ya?


Agreed. I say nerf BM until all 32 rogues have an easy time with them.


Meh, checking just the top 10 dps on all fights Heroic/Mythic on logs dosn’t show bm being op. Lot of rogues in the top 10 tho, expect for Tswift and Fyrakk.


Rogue player speaking


Unlimited bait works


Oh, the irony of posting this on a Rogue alt…


Bm is last spec in game i have cause all other ones i used to enjoy require 30 keybinds+. If blizz took that away i might as well find different game. Not everyone likes super complex rotations that requires 3 hands.


11 Rogues in the top 100 of the official Blizzard 3v3 Leaderboards vs five Hunters.


He did lol

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i agree buff survival


People make fun of bm being easy. I wonder if they are upset because their class and spec requires add-ons to actually play correctly. Personally, if I need to install weak auras or any other tracker/ helper to play aspec correctly I’m no longer interested. Can’t really play rogue anymore, it is so unenjoyable. All I have left is Hunter.


I mean there’s definitely a difference in playing a spec with a full kit of 8-10 rotational abilities and playing a spec that has 3-4 and I was maining a bm until recently. They could serve to add a few more to justify the absurd dps they do while being fully mobile while doing it.


So, more bloat for abilities that will only be used on the one off occasion. Why is the mentality of so many that to be great you need to have more?

How many classes have their bars full of abilities that never get used and serve little purpose to their rotation?


I mean if you think 8-10 abilities is bloat then I don’t know lol. Having 3-4 is lackluster and boring and the reason I kind of stopped playing mine. I’m not saying make BM have 20 rotational abilities but I do feel like 8-10 is pretty normal and makes it interesting.


All I hear is wah wah wah. I don’t understand why so many people have to make it their life goal to bring everyone else down to their level. Life’s not fair. It’s not equal. Not everyone gets the same slice. BM can probably be looked at but there is no reason it should be penalized into the ground for being fully mobile.*


My point is why does a class have more when it could have less, and preform just at same level? There’s many specs that have more buttons than they really need, and can spam the same few abilities that out dps the others.

Blizzard could simplify all the other specs to have a tighter rotation, yet so many want constantly to have something to push.


I agree with this for sure. There’s some specs like feral I believe that have abilities that do exactly the same thing so yes get rid of that bloat. But my point was that when you only have literally 3 buttons to press it does get a little boring IMO. Again, I mained BM until just recently because I got bored of it because I felt like there wasn’t any buttons I was pressing that really made me feel like “OOF I loved pressing that.”

What would you suggest to be added? Stings might be useful. Needs to be worthwhile to the rotation that way it’s not just another button.

Wish MoC would have been more important of an ability. I like to watch birds pecking their target to death.

BM hunter is the most popular spec in the game right now.

Even grandma and grandpa is playing it.