BM Hunter looking for early day raiding situation

I’m looking for an early day raiding guild.

I’m an American who lives in the UK now, and unfortunately, I can’t just transfer my account to EU, so I’m putting out feelers for guilds who may be able to accomodate being 6-8 hours ahead of EST/PST.

About me: I’m an assistant professor at a university in the UK. I’ve mostly played a Ret/Holy Pally/Guardian/Resto druid in the past when I raided ( Joshnhands), with Hunter as an alt. So, if the need arises, I can migrate to a healing or tanking role, but I prefer DPS. I was able to get in and clear NyancatLand and get AOTC, and I can scrounge up some logs, or do some mythics to trial.

Any interest would be appreciated, and I look forward to talking with y’all and joining some of y’all at some point soon!

Hey friend! If you need a new home for dungeons and leveling while you look for a raiding situation that can better support what you’re looking to do, we’d love to have ya. Our main group is at the “nearly starting heroics” stage right now. If you’d like, search Undisputed Era in Guild Finder, hit me up directly in game on Koza, or however you’d like to get in touch. :slight_smile:

Good luck on your search!