BM hunter LF mythic raiding

Title says it all! Currently on the looking for a non-toxic, adult, drama free mythic raid team. Preferably with a semi-hardcore mindset. I am not looking to raid with elitist mindsets, just a raid team looking to down content while having a good time. I cannot stress the non toxic atmosphere enough especially in this expansion.

What I’m looking for:

  • Current progression (6/9M) (Mekka pulls experience)
  • 2 nights a week (Would consider 3 for the right guild)
  • Monday - Thursday // anytime after 8PM CST
  • Prefer to stay Horde

I have warcraft logs upon request. If interested leave info below and I will get back with you all! Thanks! :slight_smile:

While we do not have the progression you currently have, we do have the non-toxic environment you are looking for as well as the 2 nights a week starting at 8pm. We are looking for players to add to the raiding roster as well as have even more people pushing Mythic +s. Check us out and if you have any interest please reach out to me on bnet Moonpie#1732

Hi Sence,
Sellswords is a 5/9M team in the alliance guild Eternal Kingdom on Proudmoore. We raid mwth 8-11 pacific time. The entire point of this team and guild was to create a place to slay internet dragons in a fun non toxic environment. And we’ve been doing that for over 4 years. We’ve also gotten CE every tier since HFC on this team.

I encourage you to check us and hit me up to talk – btag is hantevirus#1921 and discord is Hantevirus#8346 . I hope to hear from you.

Hey Syence!

My name is QuickSilver, the GM for a new up and coming guild Somebody Toucha My Baguette. Comprised of returning Mythic level raiders, we are gearing this team towards repetitive Mythic Progression with the ultimate goal of repetitive CE from tier to tier. Built around a specific set of ideals that we work hard up front and have fun while doing it. All the while never forgetting, that this is just a game. Here is some basic info you will need to know about us:

Fri/Sat 9PM-12AM EST

Area 52 [Horde]


Atmosphere: We absolutely love to joke around around and blow off some steam, but we still have a respect for each other and the game.

Looking for: Exceptional raiders who understand and are comfortable working in an aggressive environment for a common goal. Primarily RDPS and TANKS but spots are open for other roles.

What is required of you?

  • Minimum ilvl of 400

  • Neck level of 38

  • Access to Discord and communication equipment.

  • Thorough knowledge of your ROLE and CLASS.

  • Maintain at least 1 toon at predetermined requirements for progression.

  • Positive attitude


  • Prior Mythic/CE experience

  • Multiple toons @ or above requirements for raid, especially within a singular role.

  • M+ Experience w/ Raiderio (Definitely not required but it is just going to help you long run.)

  • Availability outside of raid. (We will run splits, M+, and events outside together quite often, and keep in mind with our goals in mind, you will not make it on the raid team if you only play within our raid times.)

If this interests you, feel free to add me!

Contact Info:

(Discord) QuickSilver#8901

(BTag) QuickSiver#1950

Or my Co-GM:

(BTag) Audball#11105

Hello! We are looking to add some talented dps to the team! Please add any of us for a chat if interested, and good luck in your search!

discord: livie#4169 bnet: livie#11751