BM Hunter Best Pet

Hello fellow hunters, I’m just curious what people’s thoughts on the best dps pet to use was. I know it used to be spirit beasts due to shock and heal but post nerfs it seems lackluster. I have recently heard Clefthooves are the best but I don’t notice much of a difference between those and spirit beasts. All input welcome!

All of them really do the same damage but for PvP run raptor, soloing clefthoof, raiding/m+ just take a ferocity pet if your group doesn’t have a lust, and you can take whatever you want if your group already has a lust.

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Clefthooves are only best if you’re solo and your pet is tanking (so basically, for Torghast). The main reason is they get 20% more healing from all sources, which includes leech and Mend Pet, which means they are the tankiest.

In terms of dps they’re all the same and in terms of utility there isn’t any that’s particularly great either. Maybe spiders for their slow or carrions for mortal wounds? None of the abilities are really useful in pve, but maybe they’re good for pvp.

Pet damage has been normalized so there isn’t a best DPS pet as such any more. Best is now situational depending on the utility you need.

Clefthooves are the best for solo due to their tankiness, cunning pets with slow or mortal wounds for PvP, and in a group, ferocity if you need lust and anything you want otherwise.

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My two go to pets are the Clefhoof, and carrion bird

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Clefthoof for soloing. It is also as good as any if you are in a dungeon and there is no other class with Bloodlust in the group.

Spirit Beast would be decent for raids. The heal is small, but it is better than all the other options in most circumstances.

PvP is any Cunning pet with Mortal Strike. That is Raptor, Hyena, or Rodent.

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Clefthoof for solo and I use a ferocity pet for raiding… just for the leech.

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For open world I like to take Trailblazer talent and run with a cunning pet for the speed boost (If you also take Aspect of the Beast talent you’re even faster).

When I need a tank - as others have said Clefthoof is the go to. It has the extra 20% healing, leech, 10% extra armor, and a shield that auto pops when the pet reaches a certain health threshold so it really does stay alive the best. And since its ferocity you still get lust with it. (with Aspect of the Beast talent the leech is even better too)

I also keep a spirit beast in my stable for situations where I may need extra healing…yes spirit mend was nerfed but it is better than no extra healing.

And I always keep 1-2 stable slots open at all times just in case I run across a named or rare pet - or basically anything I may want to tame b/c I just cant live without it.




I have 2 hydras because they look cool.

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I like shale beasts for open world, they have the speed boost, passive magic damage reduction, and a 12 sec 50% dmg reduction shield, Torghast and maw I use clefthoof since its the only thing that can survive and keep me healed, raid and M+ I use spirit beast for the dmg shield and heal.

Oh and I’ll keep a feathermane in the rotation until the blizz overlords deem us worthy of flight

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Why a sporebat? You know they don’t have an offensive dispel anymore, right?

Why bother? Just Disengage.


Feathermane allows me to glide a longer distance from say the mid bastion or one of the revend. castle platforms to wherever I’m looking to go

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For the dps.

It’s a very old hunter joke.


Clefthoof hands down. Spirit Mend was nerfed into the dirt, and Spirit Beasts are Ferocity so they don’t have leech (extra hp is lackluster nowadays). If you’re running in Torghast, make sure you don’t run Animal Companion as you lose out on 35% of the leech healing via your 2nd pet (hidden nerf cuts your pet’s damage by 35% when running that talent).

tl;dr Clefthoof WITHOUT Animal Companion talent, and WITH Aspect of the Beast talent is bis pet tank right now.

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There confirmation of that nerf with animal companion ? Most guides & videos mention it’s the talent to take when soloing…

I actually prefer 1 pet so if the other options are better I’m cool with that.

I usually use carrion birds. Gives you mortal strike for pvp vs healers and lust for M+/raids

Animal Companion reduces pet damage by 35% but makes up for it by giving you a second pet. It’s easily testable by just letting your pet hit a dummy for a minute with and without the talent. The numbers are super consistent.

The reduced main pet damage is fine in party situations, but it’s bad for pet tanking because less damage also means less passive healing from leech.