BM Hunter and Shadow Priest LF Thrall Guild

206 BM Hunter and 204 Shadow Priest on Thrall looking for a good casual guild on Thrall we can raid normal/possibly heroic and run M+ with.

Both in our mid 20’s and we play WoW almost every day we can but can’t 100% commit to a serious raid team because life. So we’re looking for a similar minded guild of solid people to run content with.

We both work early jobs ideally we’d love to raid Friday/Saturday or to 10:30 on week nights.

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Hi Savaraina! We are building a second raid team and I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!


I’m with Corrupted Cannoli on Area52 and we actually are about to bring back our casual raid team soon–our guild has voted and casual raids will take place as follows: Sundays 10am-1pm

We will be bringing it back in the up-coming weeks in the meantime, we offer m+, game nights, and we might even wing throwing a casual raid or two together!

If you’re interested we would love to have you both! Feel free to add me on discord or battlenet!
Battlenet: Okashiro#11455
Discord: Okashiro#2856

Hey Savaraina,

<HØME> sounds like what you’re looking for! Our main raid team is Tues/Thurs from 6:30pm to 9:30 EST. We also run alt raids on Saturday’s at 7pm and normally clear Normal. On non-raid days we run mythic+ and just hang out. The guild is focused on having zero drama or toxicity and we have calm raids and dungeons. We also get that life happens. We have multiple married couples and friend groups who have busy lives, so we get it. Real life will always come first!

Hey there, I run a casual guild that is AOTC focused (and some mythic), that raids on Fridays/Sundays. Hit me up on discord if you want to chat #YaBoiBangz9359

This is us:

Guild & Server:_ Illidans Redemption :Alliance: Whisperwind
Type of Guild: Social/M+/Raid/Xmogs/Mounts
Recruitment Contacts:
Discord: Shade_PWS#9836
BNet: okayitsliz#1616
Requirements: Be social and active in chat, enjoy grouping and laughing. Be fluent in sarcasm and typonese.
Needs: computer, internet connection, WoW sub, sense of humor
About Us: formed Feb 05, IR is about taking a laid back approach to experiencing end game content. We progress but accept the fact that as adults real life can and will intrude. It is what it is and we roll with it while having fun together.

Let’s chat!

Hi, is it 10:30pm est? You didn’t list what time zone you were in or I just missed it completely. I am asking b/c we raid til 11pm cst, which would be too late for you. We also do M+ and some Bg’s. We have no plans to do any Mythic raiding.

Thanks for all the replies guys! My bad for leaving out the server and time zone but we’re on Thrall and the est time zone. We’re looking to stay on our current server.

Hi Savaraina,

I’d like to chat further with you about your guild expectations. Assault is a Fri/Sat AotC guild on Thrall that raids from 8-11 PST (11-2 EST) and we do keys throughout the week with a handful of our members having KSM or pushing towards it.

Add me on or whisper me if you see me online (Liim): limbrok#1655

Looking forward to chatting with you!

Hey! Not sure how you guys would feel about a 1 night schedule on Sundays, but if you’re game, I would love to chat with you. We’re already horde side Thrall, so if you’re interested, I think you guys would make great additions to the team!

Mourning Shadows is a Horde guild on Thrall looking for raiders and members. We are AOTC focused and fairly laid back. Raids Sunday night 9-12 Est (6-9 pm Pacific) We are currently looking for all DPS and Healers. Accepting all classes. Currently 9/10H.

Our members range in experience from players starting this expansion, to long time mythic raiders, to everything in between; no matter the skill, gear, or experience level, we are welcoming and supportive of all players’ goals.

We are open to cross-server raid members if transfers are not a possibility.

Please note, this is a small guild, and we intend to stay small, so there aren’t always a ton of folks on. Peak activity is typically weekend afternoons and evenings. We are LBGTQ friendly. We are also accepting casual members, who want to be bench for raid, are there mostly for M+ or just to have folks to chat with on occasion.
For more information contact either:
Liryia/Bellany @BellanyZimz#0791 on discord or Bellany#1567 on Bnet or myself @Canta#2549 discord or Cantabile#11745 on Bnet . We hope to hear from you!