BM hunter 205ilv LF raiding guild

Ex mythic raider looking to get back into raiding again. Looking to find a 2 night raiding guild Mon-Fri preferably a guild looking to progress through M would be awesome but also able to have a RL as well. I unfortunately don’t have much experience this patch with the raid as I was just getting back and getting the swing of everything again. I am always very dedicated when it comes to my class I choose to play and researching my class and logs and researching boss fights as well. Love a guild that enjoys making progress in boss fights as well as having a good time!

Little about my raiding experience. I started raiding since Cata to mid legion (I believe a took a break in NH) but got into more hardcore raiding in MoP. I usually main healers in past expac as a Resto shammy, Hpally, and Hpriest and always made sure I had a viable dps spec encase we ever needed to switch. Through MoP and Legion I was in a top 100 or 50 two night raiding guild (Vintage on MG until we transferred to Sarg and became Dinosaur Cowboys). Took a break mid legion through all of BFA for just being burnt out and not enjoying the gaming anymore with the guild I was in and also focusing on my career in RL.

A little about me, I am 25 years old and live in the CST area. By day I am a dog trainer/groomer and by night a gaymer with maybe a slight wine problem but I think its fine. I am a pretty laid back person I like to think and usually can get along with anyone. Sarcasm and being a smartass I feel like is my first language. In game I like to do Achieves, run old raids for mogs or mounts, pvp, M+, and WQ (jk I hate them to death XD).

If I sound interesting or think I would be a good fit to your guild please post on this forum with your btag or you can add me at Tyler#1447 and hit me up!!! :smiley:

Hey, add me if you think we’re a good fit, we’re looking for more ranged dps to join our ranks!