Blues News: September 15, 2023

Blues News: September 15, 2023

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Ok. Someone with better eyesight than me check that pic for another hidden zone map.



I’m singing the Blue’s Clues song.


All I see is a blue dragon having it’s breakfast.

'tis true. We gnomes are delicious. :drooling_face:

Hidden zone map?

Yea. Blizz keeps hiding zone map clues in that image for the secrets of azeroth event that is currently going on.

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Ahh! Thank you. I had no idea. Been RL busy so not able to do the Secrets as I had hoped I could.

Not today. :slight_smile: Maybe someday again. You never know.

Lots of people are still doing them and they’ll still be there for you. The only thing you can’t get anymore is the Feat of Strength (which doesn’t add to your Achievement points anyway.)

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Can we still get Pattie? I am confused. I thought it would of ended at midnight yesterday. I had half of them finished, but last night when I entered the Roasted Ram all the NPCs were gone… I didn’t think it would end in the mid day of 3pm. But, how are they doing the secrets if the preservationists is no longer there?

Weird the people are still there for my Paladin. I still have two of the clues to go through.

They’ve said it will still be available to complete after the event ends. The people were still there for my alts.

so no more satchels?

Are you able to confirm if 17 satchels/clues were all that were given?

It’s such a strange number, and it would be nice to know if we should stop looking for satchels :sweat_smile:


I could confirm… or not, but I’m not sure I should. :wink: