Blues News: March 8, 2024

Blues News: March 8, 2024

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If I join the Cataclysm Beta, can I start at level 85 or would I have to level up everybody to test the dungeons? Also boooo Deathwing, so rude actually :cry: burning the Stormwind park all down and messing up Auberdine, those night elves can’t catch a break can they!


Tune retail PvP this is ridiculous.


It depends.

For the current build, they seem to want to be testing 1-80, so no level 85 templates.

But I expect that there will be level 85 templates available in a later build when they want to focus on max level testing.

Tune retail PvE this is ridiculous.


But it’s rebuilt, and it’s better

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We’ll get 10.2.6 news soon


Y’all actually waiting til season 4 to make PvP class tuning adjustments with a monthly subscription model is insane


They got you guys too? We’re sharing common ground now.

i just realised “blues news”
lol thats cute

Sadly no clues

so nothing again ? if you can’t tune a game correctly what the point to still pay my sub ? when the retail version of the game is currently in a bad shape due to overperforming class

Blizz help! I’m loosing the will to care about playing wow… I’d rather be in bed at 5:40pm then stay up late playing this boring long over stayed it’s welcome patch…

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how badly are they going to timegate and stuff things up this time.

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This is ridiculous

Cataclysm Classic Beta, Retail: 11th Hearthstone crossover event begins and m+ & class tuning fixes. We’re in a bit of a retail lull currently, though there’s an interesting extended maintenance on Tuesday.