Blues News: March 29, 2024

Blues News: March 29, 2024

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5 minutes no first post?

Any word on you you feel about solo shuffle right now?

That Nice but Sitll there issue Plunderlord Pepe is not given to me, I been reporting bug I check lobby I don’t’ see the quote saying to summon Plunder lord pepe on my head.

Please see to the reard given to player, titles is fix but some us not gotten Plunderlord pepe yet.

if you could mail the A Tiny Plumed Tricorne to any one got pepe not send it tow whistle I Don’t mind If you mail it all to my alt, Please have this fix.

not sure i would call anything involving plunderstorm a “highlight”. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Lmaoooo imagine them talking about PvP in ANY capacity.

There is one guy sitting at a dusty desk in the corner, right next to the HOTS developer, that handles WoW PvP, He only talks once a year.

Im imaging Milton from Office Space.

Get it together, PVPers, we get him his stapler back, we get DHd nerfed.


:dragon: :ocean: :dragon: :ocean:

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The blue dragons are once more pleased for the pink hair gnome sacrifice.

:dracthyr_a1: - I am pleased!