Blues News: January 19, 2024

Blues News: January 19, 2024

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Conquest Cap REMOVED :tada:

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class turning please

Granted, you’re now a paladin.


Stop ignoring Zaralek Caverns feedback now please. People still hate it.


Where are the dk buffs and leggo buffs…??

Good news, I just double checked with Blizz, everyone has been complaining about Restos for a bit now, and they’re being nerfed.

Resto Shaman will receive a -10% aura to healing, and Blizz will be buffing Resto Druids, bringing them in line with other healers, by reducing the Treant CD to 12 seconds, reducing the mana costs by 50%, and allowing them to be cast while Stunned or Silenced, along with an aura 10% increase in healing applied to all spells.

Blizz heard everyone, and after careful consideration will be moving forwards with the above, most definitely.

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Is this what you meant?

Nerf Hunters

Yeah spoils of war is huge so thats great

Hopefully conq boxes soon so i can spend that increased conquest now :stuck_out_tongue:

Watchu buyin first? :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to gear my second disc priest, my other characters can send conquest boxes to fully gear it in an hour :muscle:

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I wish I had gotten into PvP this expansion like I intended to, the transmogs are lit but I was toooo lazy

Its not too late, windwalker is insane atm and casterweaver+fistweaver are both very easy to get into in arenas and shuffle


Ooh. My Alliance Nui is actually a fistweaver :tea: :facepunch:

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