Blues News: January 12, 2024

Blues News: January 12, 2024

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Hmm. It’s all Classic stuff. Obligatory plug for Neutral Pandaren.

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Are we going to get any leveling events any time soon? I’m bored, I wanna level alts but i’m so unmotivated.

Blues news, blues news!

But they are a neutral race. :scream:

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When are we getting Class Tuning or Dungeon adjustments? Please Lord Ion :pray:


balance druid 4set still bugged in pvp with incarnation any eta on a fix?

another week of completely ignoring retail mplus…

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Another gnome sacrifice to the blue dragon.

:dracthyr_a1: :cut_of_meat:

can we just make rep gain in ashenvale go past revered

It does go passed revered but once a week for 1000 rep

Who is that, the Ugly Betty of Gnomes? I’ve seen Tauren’s hind end looking more playable than that.