Blues News: April 5, 2024

Blues News: April 5, 2024

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You also announced Dragonflight Season 4 starting April 23rd, but I guess that didn’t make the cut.


Best news so far was letting us do trios

:ocean: :dragon: :ocean: :dragon:

TY for the heads up.

We have recently released a hotfix that increases the drop rate of the Noble Flying Carpet mount and we also added a bonus to the mount drop chance on the first defeat of Daetan Swiftplume on the account each day.

Hopefully you will remember this every time you come up with a similar event reward.

Increased chance for a magic carpet ride

What a great, new, fantastic point of view.

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Minor news that was :rofl:

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Just a note - the weekly recap article states 10.2.6 was the April Fools patch notes, but the April Fools post was 10.6.2.

Though based on the response I’ve seen on the forums, I’m sure some people wish that was the case. :dracthyr_a1:

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New hero talents when?


Right? I was really hoping to get to see the final Warlock or Hunter ones. :frowning:

Plunderstorm doesn’t have seasons, so that’s not important.

Sad face lol