Blues News: April 14, 2023

Blues News: April 14, 2023

Stay up to date when you join us each week as we round up some of the latest top blue posts and discussions from the official World of Warcraft forums.

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Any mage changes? No? Figures


Good job removing explosive, now I will have two more weeks in the season I will like to play :slight_smile:


If people are hanging around the WoW forums, they already know everything you’re listing here. I like the idea behind this, but it needs to be a bit more community-centric. Highlight (appropriate) posts coming from the community themselves. Maybe even showcase threads that resulted in actual change.


Holds up a bear paw in solidarity
:bear: sad bear noises

I’ll be honest you guys probably get clowned weekly in these things by people who don’t like something or wanted something that didn’t happen etc…but I appreciate the weekly updates on here instead of ignoring us like in the past.


I want to say after all the years of people complaining that Blizzard never speaks to its player base or communicates. I am very happy to see they have now began posting the Blues News topics.

No news concerning void elf paladins or more classes for dracthyr?

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I’d be happy with the great unsuckening of dracthyr transmog. Don’t know why they wanna die on this hill.

“most classes received adjustments to their performance”

Still nothing at all for Mages in PvE, and the upcoming Arcane set bonus is still a joke even though they updated it for Fire and Frost


The image should be a tiny spotted blue dragon with a Human in a stripped green sweater with the weekly notes on it.

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Should at least be honest and say “some classes received adjustments to their performance and others continue to be ignored.”

This enhanced communication unfortunately continues the “if we don’t talk about it, it’s not happening” policy of the past.

But where is my flame red/orange hair for my fall themed NE druid???

They gave it to Nightbourne.


¿Dónde están los servidores fresquitos de Classic?

It’s cool, now all elves have natural hair colors ! :+1:

That dragon is going to eat that gnome.


Am pleased that Devastation evoker changes for 10.1 on the PTR improved. I was very hesitant on replacing all of my gear for a mastery-crit focus if the Causality change went live as the last iteration.

Though looking through the PTR Talent trees, it looks pretty good for specialized ST/AoE evoker builds.

Hunters screwed again,a big thank you

they can’t post that for legal reasons.