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I accidentally posted this question in General.

There used to be an e-mail address where you could send feedback about GMs. Is that still a thing? If it is, what is it?

I don’t think that email is in use anymore. usually if you want to leave feedback on your interactions with a GM, you fill out the survey after the ticket is closed. That goes to the GMs supervisor I believe.


The GM in question is a forum moderator, so there is no ticket. But he does need to be lauded for his wonderful behaviour or corrected for his unacceptable behaviour.

What if I would like to submit feedback on posts from Blizzard employees but not post on the forums as call outs are against the rules?
If you have any sort of issue or feedback about a Blizzard employee’s posts then you can submit that via email at .


I don’t know if this one is still available I’ve but it’s a still listed in the sticky:

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Have you checked the sticky at the top of these forums “Support Contact Channels”?

  • To provide feedback on the performance of the community team, forum moderators, or MVPs, please email

Yup, beat me too


I looked and completely missed it. Duh on me. lol

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