Bloodseeker should belong to BM

The survival talent Bloodseeker should be a Beast Master talent. Why the heck should only a survival pet inflict this? Total fail…

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beasmaster player complaining when their spec isn’t complete jank? Total fail…


You should probably unsub, the sky is falling, #NoBleedOnMuhBark

Because survival gets benefit from the bleed buff. And the 3 button bm spec doesn’t need it.

Um, looks pretty much like a Shaman…
Shamans decide what Hunter’s pets can do? Or maybe Dark Iron Dwarfs?

OP: The Beast Mastery talent Bloodshed says hello.

You know, the “The toon you’re posting on isn’t the class you’re talking about! Haha, you must not have a hunter toon!” thing is the mark of severe brain damage. You should see a doctor.

It gets a benefit against the bleed buff because the talent says it gets a benefit from the bleed buff. If it were a BM talent, presumably the benefit would go to auto-shot. There are a lot of good arguments against the OP’s dumb request, but that isn’t one of them.

If you don’t like playing BM as a 3-button spec (Hmm, I count four buttons plus your covenant ability. You can’t leave out Bestial Wrath. Its cooldown is short enough after reduction that it counts as part of your rotation. Five buttons for AoE – you can’t abandon Cobra Shot completely during AoE or you’re being inefficient). you’re more than welcome to equip Soulforge Embers (the top legendary), and pick from among Dire Beast, Chimaera Shot, A Murder of Crows and Bloodshed. You’ll have plenty of buttons to push.

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Actually I’ve played the 3 button spec to 3500io just fine.

My reasons are fine. It’s simply not needed. BM has no use for it.

Edit: tell us what you’ve done mr professor

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BM having 3 buttons would be an argument in favour of talents like Bloodseeker which add more engagement and complexity.


Not with auto shot. Bm aoe is pretty much multi shot.

I guess maybe barbed shot could work?

Played since late BC. Had to stop raiding and PvPing early in Cata because I had to move to satellite internet and it simply doesn’t allow me to play at a competitive level that I feel won’t let down other players.

Anyway, Mr. Professor says you’re making an “Argument from Authority.” I don’t have to have raid achievements and a high raider io score to know how the class is played. In some ways, I have to play a more challenging game, because with an 800-1000ms latency, by the time I see a cast, I have very little time to interrupt it, and by the time I see a ground effect, I have very little time to move out of it. PvPing is just right out. I’m just a liability.

Your reason (because SV gets a benefit from the bleed buff) wasn’t “fine.” It’s literally a tautology. I agree that Bloodseeker isn’t needed for BM, but your post didn’t articulate any particularly good reason for that. My reason, stated in another post, for example, is that BM already has a major pet bleed talent.

To that I could add that Bloodseeker, as a level 35 talent, would compete with Thrill of the Hunt and probably wouldn’t compare well, especially since BM does a lot fewer Kill Commands than Survival. Barbed Shot is the BM rolling bleed ability and it’s baked into the spec, and Barbed Shot already provides a secondary buff (Frenzy) and a talented buff (Thrill of the Hunt).

This is coming from the same bm spec that hates that survival has kc but now wants survival spell

Perhaps you weren’t following the conversation. I replied to Zarghuul, stating I saw only a Shaman as regarding his ‘Beasmaster complaining’ comment.
Byt yeah, thye dain bramage is real, if concussions can be used as an indicator.
Should I see a Doctor for mentioning a Shaman posting about how Hunter specs should work? Note: I didn’t comment to the OP, I didn’t laugh at anybody, and I made no suggestions about who did or didn’t have what Toon.
So, what is your problem with me? :slightly_frowning_face:

Maybe…just maybe

Hard for you to imagine that? Part of the degradation of society is internet jerks who hurl insults online. Pretty much a sign of being raised by terrible parents.

Maybe its just me but I see Bloodseeker as a manifestation of the “tracker” part of the SV theme. The bloodtrail left by a bleeding target allows the SV hunter and his trusty bloodhound to better position themselves to put the enemy down. Mechanicically it manifests as attack speed.