Bloodhoof/Duskwood The kindness of Strangers

While we have been focused on the lawsuit and the horrid things that have come to light lately, I want to give a shout out to the players. I’m what you might call a casual player, but mostly I’m just not so great as a player (ok, hopefully I’m not completely awful! : ) . I still love the game and I’ve played off and on for 14 years? At least?

I’m here to thank the players who say, hey jump up and you will reach your objective . Or, hey you have to get past this obstacle and then you can complete the quest.

I’ve always been Alliance, but lately it isn’t about the factions so much as it is about how people work together to achieve goals.

What I have found is that even as a 60 year old woman, most people are decent and willing to help others. We have all been through hard times lately and yeah, even the Horde aren’t are as awful as I’ve always thought. Heh. kidding Anyway, I’m grateful to the players I’ve met and those that I may never even know their character names.

OK, that’s enough for tonight. Shout out to Bloodhoof/Duskwood servers and the players who are in it for the fun. PS, get your stuff together Activision/Blizz.

Meire, signing off.

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Oh dear me the sign fell off my hat.