Blood elf druid choice now! lol

Blood Elf druids?

But not Gnome Paladins?

Heh, amazing.

you’re cringe

Necrotic Plague.

I still want my /Karen emote!

Worgen Shaman please.

It disappoints me that somebody who doesn’t care about the lore works for Blizzard and memes this stuff under their blue name. Stick to primary game canon inspirations, guys.

The words Unchanging/Primary/Facts + Lore don’t go together. Unless you can rely on this retconned story to prove something the pythagorean theorem can time and time again, then its always subject to change and I therefore can’t blame the blue poster for wanting the HUGE STRETCH of elven druids… :blush: in fact i wonder why that combination sounds familiar to me, almost like we’ve seen that plausible variation :scream:

Might as well delete the horde and just make it alliance vs blood elves + shaman

Oh and you better add void elf druids of you’re giving them to blood elves

I used to be against all race/class combos but since the writers keep doing dumb crap…

… sure, why not? Let me have all taurens.

You could make a case for druids for almost every race except blood elves.

Taurens are the best and should be able to be everything.

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“i wIlL nEvEr sErVe”
Calia the undead infused with Light.

It really doesn’t matter anymore.

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I mean, it’s like right there, right?

Resto-Jade Dragon instead of trees
Balance- Red Crane
Guardian- Black Ox
Feral-White Tiger

With vulpera, we could say that the connection to the Loa found in Zandalar ushered druidism. Dunno.

If they ever announce it, I’ll have to rush to make a bunch of glyphs of falling stars or whatever it’s called. Doubt all those new balance mains are gonna want to play a laser chicken.

Yeah i think so too now :grin:

I personally think that all race and class restrictions should be removed because when you think about it, you’re not playing the entire culture, you’re playing an individual. And with how the horde and alliance work, especially nowadays, cultures mix anyways, there isn’t much of a reason why a blood elf shouldn’t be able to study under master Tauren druids if they want to, or why a Tauren shouldn’t be able to study the arcane.

Yes! It would be a great time for them to give Blood Elves druids.

if i was able to do vulpera druid I would pay for a race change the day it goes live but while we are at it we need to balance racials more

Nah, there’s too many blood elves as it is.

Nah, it doesn’t fit the lore.

I have always been against the idea to took the other faction fantasy which is why i was always again the idea of having nature elf in the horde and pale skin arcane elf on the alliance. Now that the alliance have the horde elf fantasy, then yeah screw it and give use BE NB druid.