Blood dk tank looking to raid

Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone was looking for a tank for Ny’alotha. With N’Zoth and all the juicy Old gods this patch has me wanting to push myself as far as I can hopefully into even Mythic content for that sweet mount and hopefully memories with guildies wanting to do the same. I also love me some pvp :heart::heart_eyes:

If you can do a schedule of Tues/Thurs. 7-10pm server, then feel free to get a hold of me at Relentless. I could use a full time tank.


Is this position for full time tank still open? I have freed up Tuesday and Thursday nights. I have gotten some lucky corruption drops so I hit like a dps with 38k to 50k dps a sec depending on procs.

Yes. This would be for a full time tank.