Blizzerd GET RID OF SELF HEALING. Give healers a reason to play

I wasn’t even aware there were healers anymore. All you need is DPS that have self healz. I haven’t healed since 2009. Well done Ronaldo well done! Thanks Obama!

Oh look the tank was a jerk ignored his group and soloed everything cause its too much self healing… You just proved my point.

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yah that’s why i posted it.

what happens if the player isnt bad?

  1. Asmo is really bad but his Ego never lets him admit it.
  2. A good tank wouldn’t just let his group die and go oh well.
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Every single one of you owes me an apology. Although i am one of the smartest WoW players in the game, i’m literally a Mensa genious, but i’m also humble so i won’t brag too much, but a lot of you do owe me an apology since i was right.

Is it at least a slap in da face?!

I think warriors and warlocks have absolutely insane health regen. If a warlock is unkillable when I have more gear than them then they need a nerf.

The video is obviously meant to be funny/satirical. He’s commenting on how OP it is. Basically cannot die and rubbing it in saying they should also increase DPS.

No really?

This thread is part of the reason why Tanks got nerfed.

You are welcome tanks.

the nerf is okay, they just did it wrong. They should be nerfing sustain, not damage reduction.

I noticed i didn’t need much healing on paladin tank word of glory fills almost full hp when i need it. The healer could at least hit their dps buttons instead of doing nothing or useless over healing.

Yes, but there are several problems with that.

  1. Their DPS abilities are usually less interesting and involved than an actual DPS spec.
  2. It isn’t what they rolled healers to do.
  3. If healers do as much damage as actual DPS specs, then actual DPS specs are obsolete because they’re less flexible. If healers do less damage than DPS (which is most of the time), then healers are obsolete in content where their healing isn’t needed or wanted.

Healers need to provide something different from DPS for both to be valued at their own roles. And they were designed to do just that, but only if the content makes their best-in-game ability to heal anyone not just themselves (including AOE heal) valuable to the success of a group.

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One of the core aspects of healing on a Resto Druid is pre-hotting. You don’t wait until after the damage starts to start throwing out heal-over-time effects, by that time it’s already too late. I try to have a handful of HoTs on the tank even before the pull. So a huge portion of my healing isn’t based on how low the Tank’s health bar is. It’s healing that I keep on the tank any time we are in combat, or about to be in combat. It’s not “over healing”, it’s how Druid healing works.

You wanna go back to every non-healer spec having to sit and eat after every fight out in the world? Go play Classic.


Looks around nervously as a mage

I can self heal now?

yea not giving up my death strike

They don’t exist in WoW Mandela effect

ragemode vs bravado who would win in a complaint fight?

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