BlizzCon – What’s Next after Dragonflight

Piggybacking off of this to ask, is the work order system being carried over, and could we potentially see it applied to the content of older expansions?

And on the topic of transmog, could we finally see the profession gear become eligible for transmog? :eyes:

I disagree entirely, as opening up transmog across armor types would expand the options immensely. Cosmetic-type items have been really, really good for offering new options for looks to every armor type, and it combined with the ability to hide almost every slot has basically thrown out the argument of keeping certain silhouettes or looks. That’s why I’m very curious to hear if there’s any particular reason to keep it locked down still.


I was glad to hear that the accessability issues of dragon riding had been heard. The one question/concern I have is the point regular flying becomes available within dynamic flying, both dragon riding and regular flying should be accessable to all at the same point.

Though some may not of realised but war bands had a slight accessability solution for blind/VI players. Removing the need to change server for characters in your war band also removes the need for blind/VI having to use OCR or require sighted assistance to change server in order to get to other toons. I’m not sure if this was a known intentional change but it is good to see.

I was, again, disappointed to hear nothing about TTS and keyboard navigation support of the character creation screens and in game UI. Nearly 2 years I’ve been advocating for this now and not even a hint that it’s being looked at. I hope that something comes out in a dev interview over the next few days but at this point I’m very disappointed.

Accessability aside the expansion looks ok. I see it as a quality of life expansion due to the things war bands bring and the fixes to cross faction/server guilds, brilliant quality of life changes I can’t wait to see in live. Outside of thoes changes there really wasn’t much tbh, delves isn’t something I think I’ll do instead of M+. Don’t get me wrong, they sound brilliant for thoes who don’t do M+ or raid but it’s not something I would do in place of what I already do.
We didn’t hear anything about proffessions, it would be good if a dev could say a thing or two on them as I’m sure there are some players who want to know more, is the new system we got in DF staying? Are any changes coming to what we saw in DF?


I love all the things that has been announced, but interviews ans announcements are contradicting eachother.

As example:

Here it says that there is nothing announced for the Dynamic flying for the druid flightform.

But on Twitter this developer says this

Seems like a miscommunication.


In the near future, will a 2024 roadmap be revealed?


Same thing with “Fated”, where this interview says nothing to announce and this one says it’s coming.

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I really don’t like these style of Q&A, literally have to scour the internet finding information… Almost feels like they should’ve announced the expansion to the press, NDA style and let them ask their questions but answer them live at Blizzcon.

Or, record and broadcast all these interviews during Blizzcon itself so we can see it. As well because we’re relying on the interpretations of the people interviewing.


I’ve been editting my questions everytime I see a new Q&A pop up that answers a question I had. I’ll try to keep on top of it, but something will eventually most likely fall thru the cracks.

I also agree that this way of diseminating information isn’t ideal. I wish if they discussed something in a Q&A they’d post that Q&A here on the official forums, even if it’s just like how WoWhead does it with question asked and response given.


Or at least post a thread/article for each of the interviews on the official site instead of relying on Wowhead to do the aggregation for them.


Its not about expanding options, it’s about maintaining some semblance of fantasy where it’s already diminishing more and more every patch with new class/race combinations being added, among other things.

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I would agree if not for these restrictions on visuals being almost artificial now, since you have many non-plate sets that may as well be plate in style, or plate sets that look like cloth – or just plainly the ability to hide these pieces, as well as relying on cosmetics that can go either way. I would say the ship on that front has sailed a while ago. I wouldn’t feel any less of a warrior if I was able to transmog some of leather’s excellent, well, leather gauntlets.


I posted these in the Q&A Section of the general forum but I guess I’ll post em here too.

Multiple Accounts

  • How will Account Wide everything work for people who have multiple accounts on one client?
  • Will each account be separated by their licenses or will all licenses/accounts be included in the warband/account wide everything?

and Questions about Account Wide Currency Tab

  • How will account wide currencies via the currency tab be handled?
  • Will all our timewarped badges and Darkmoon Faire tickets (and other relatable currencies) be combined? or will there be a hard cap to how much can be stacked from across all our alts?
  • How will Anima from Shadowlands be handled given that each covenant has a separate anima pool?

The facial expressions made by Anduin made the entire video for me. The unintentional wincing that the character portrayed while confronting Thrall gave Anduin a touch of real Humanity.
I loved it.

While a highly argumentitive stance by me in the past. Eventual account wide unlocks for all armor types is an incredible change that, if not all, welcome openingly.
There are continued iterations that people will fight for tooth and nail. Blood has been spilled, the sharks are coming. Good luck Blizzard.

*The aging characteristics of Thrall has me wondering the longevity of the Key Characters currently apart of much of the universe. In how many expansions are they systematically replaced, reformed, reforged. Is this in itself a clue to the next 20 years of WoW.

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I think one thing that wasn’t completely answered that I would like to circle back to was mentioning account-wide reps. Is this something that is retroactively implemented, aka are my warband characters getting exalted with Brood of Nozdormu, the Klaxxi, or the Kalu’ak when this is implemented, or will it only be for 11.0 reputations and beyond?

Those of us who collect appearances/collect in general and multi-alt have been salivating for account-wide reputation for a long time. It’s a pain to go back and do 14 year old content on multiple characters in order to claim a profession recipe, bracer appearance, or off-hand appearance that remains uncollected.

I really hope this applies retroactively to all reputations. :pray:


I could be mis-remembering but I believe in the Deep Dive Ion said it was going to be as retro-active as possible but that it would take time to get done. The initial focus will be on TWW, then DF, and so on and so forth


Ooh thanks. I will have to go re-watch (again). The examples I saw were for the current rep and it slightly extinguished my hopes. If it’s something they go back and implement little by little - great - as long as we a sense that it’s going to all get added eventually.

The next three expansion announcements was bold and I like it. As Metzen said playing for all the marbles is a good idea and audacious to get peoples attention back to the game. I like the feeling that there is an overall plan with the Worldsoul Saga and the implication that the next twenty years will keep WoW going.

The main cast look great. Xal’atah and Alleria are great. Thrall returning is a welcome sight. Anduin returning with his internal conflict is interesting though it feels kind of unearned because he didn’t really kill anyone notable since the Archon was only wounded. Maybe have a flashback quest where is actually forced to kill innocents to reinforce that narrative?

The underground expansion concept is great and I appreciate that there is an effort to make environments varied even while underground. I cannot say I am a fan of the Earthen allied race, both due to the fact that they would be yet another Dwarf race but also Horde Dwarves feel wrong.

I like that Delves are being introduced as an endgame feature from the start. It shows confidence in the system and the willingness to improve on it and provide more solo players content. That is something that always felt missing and while I will probably only dabble in it I am glad that content will be there for a lot of people.


You don’t have to kill anyone to suffer from the things Anduin is. PTSD can work just by normal actions, emotions, and seeing the actions of others. Anduin was forced against his will (dominated) to commit acts against his moral judgement as the Jailers voice was stronger than his own so sometimes he felt responsible for the things he did while under his influence (because he was not strong enough to fight back at times). I believe he mentioned in the end of Shadowlands that he felt like he “enjoyed” some of it and that in itself terrified him.


The Anduin trailer was really emotional for me and idk why, I lost my Grandpa earlier this year and I think that stirred some stuff in me. I hope yall never stop making these kind of feels to be honest regardless of what some toxic people might say. I like that Anduin is extremely vulnerable, it makes me like the character more and makes me look forward to how strong he will eventually become. Even stronger than his dad.

I have to say that I am impressed with the changes you guys are working on.
Especially the Warbands.
If you make sure that there won’t be a way for people to take advantage of the system to have their mains benefit out of it, then this change is so welcome and it will make our experience so much easier and fun.

As for watching Thrall again, I so much hope to see more of it.
Let me give you an example and to emphasize how important such a return is.
When the last trilogy of Star Wars came, on Episode VII - The Force Awakens, every Star Wars fan was waiting to see Mark Hamill in action.
Literally I went to see Luke Skywalker again.
What we got? 1 minute of Luke…
Everyone was so disappointed. I do believe that the trilogy was destroyed mostly due to that. Yes the story wasn’t great and yes they could have done things in a better way, but if you see Mandalorian last episode on season 2, people were crying when a CGI version of Luke appeared.
Either we want it or not, characters with such magnitude makes us stick to the story.

I am very excited with Delves but I do not understand why you refer to them as endgame content since they have up to heroic gear equivalent rewards.

Thanks for reading!

Questions about Specialty Reps.

  • Will Furbolg language become account wide in War Within?
  • If Ven’ari rep becomes account wide, does that also mean the quests associated with her will also unlock account wide?