Blizzard's new trinket concept

I recently saw a posting about blizzards new trinket concept. What if they implemented this system across ALL pieces of gear in the next expansion?

Make the Gems themselves easy to obtain:

Common: Normal Dungeons Drops

Rare: Heroic Dungeons Drops

Epic: Mythic Dungeons +0 / Raid Drops

When it comes to the gear itself, it has no stats.

So For Example,

iLvl 355 Makes your Stats Gems 2% stronger and Effect Gems 1% stronger
iLvl 360 Makes your Stats Gems 4% stronger and Effect Gems 2% stronger
iLvl 365 Makes your Stats Gems 6% stronger and Effect Gems 3% stronger
iLvl 370 Makes your Stats Gems 8% stronger and Effect Gems 4% stronger
iLvl 375 Makes your Stats Gems 10% stronger and Effect Gems 5% stronger

This way people cannot complain about the RNG nature of gear while still maintaining roughly the exact same stats as current gear on Retail.

What do you think?

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Trinkets shouldn’t have any stats on them. They should have interesting passive/on-use effects that don’t merely pump stats. Depending on what dungeon/affixes you are doing, class/role/partycomp, and what others’ trinkets are, you situationally bring a “load out” of 2 trinkets you think will do well. There should be no overall BiS, because they’re just that dang context-sensitive.

The original jewelcrafting trinkets that give you a run speed dash is a good example.

Don’t make them dependent on level. You don’t upgrade them. You don’t get “better” trinkets. You just acquire more and more, so you get more choices over time and expansions.

In theory that sounds neat, until you’re an actual new player or a new character on a new server and you have no money and no gear and use dungeon runs to get your gear up.