Blizzards new LFG UI is just the Mythic+ tool

reported 10

Can’t report the truth.

I was hoping to spend the majority of my down time looking for raid groups instead of looking for 5-man groups my toons were able to clear naked 14 years ago. Now I’m going to have to be the fotm spec, have proper logs, perfect enchants, proper talent tree… to do Utgard keep.

Seriously bliz… Hope you all get fired for this one.


youd be surprised

You’ll also need to reroll human.

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@Samfoxy seems to want the gatekeeping built directly into the UI!

This isn’t looking good.


Says 404 not found



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Only for PVP.

Boot licking wow council post. Nothing more.


copied and pasted before it was deleted i guess? idk still works for me

"Looks great! That’s pretty much what I expected it to be, an upgraded version of what we currently have in TBC, inspired by what we have in retail.

Although I thought we might get a few more restrictions to filter what we’re looking for, similarly to item level in retail.

Having to be listed in order to talk in LFG makes sense and should hopefully be able to cut down on level 1s advertising boosts and stuff, although most people will probably just end up creating a custom group and keeping up the spam.

Will there be some sort of restriction on it like we have in retail, to counteract that? Although it couldn’t be a high level restriction, since that would prevent people from making genuine dungeon groups"

It’s that second paragraph where they want to be able to filter by ilevel right there in the UI…

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I flagged the post from Samfoxy as trolling…because it is.


There’s a reason their posts are that color.


You don’t need ilevel past like, 190 to clear wrath heroics. The fact that they want to filter people out is a joke.

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Blizzard seems to have scraped the bottom of the barrel when selecting the Council members.


Final proof that Blizzard only make the game for a small percentage of the players.

Especially when that small amount go tell Blizzard to drop the right dungeon finder for Wrath.

Why take 12 minutes to clear when I can take 10?

Who cares that it took me an extra 30 minutes to actually form the group.

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Yes men are usually pretty thick. Sink right to the bottom.


IKR? That’s the joke. They just reinvented the wheel for no reason. Until boosts and tokens come into play. Then it’ll make sense.