Blizzard's fix: "just skip our broken story events" LOL

What I gathered from the blue post is that the layering is really messing it up worse than before.

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and if you check comments from 2009-2010 it was bugged back then too

Exactly, they had all this time to fix it for Classic WOTLK and chose not to.

there was no “fix” - they tested it on beta, had it to a working format but failed with the high number of layers going concurrently - why the event was removed in cata and future events were done via a scenario.

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What a clown show

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Taking bets we will be in ICC and still wont be fixed.

The "Layering Problem " is also a bold lie

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I believe them when they say they believe they had it fixed but operational demands broke it again.

Not saying that makes it okay but I can speak from experience that spending days (or weeks more plausibly) trying to fix a defect only to have it create new defects is utterly disheartening. It’s not something with a finite amount of work you can just ‘get on with’ like cleaning a car.

The skip is an inelegant and a disappointing workaround but it’s better than nothing. I highly doubt Blizzard just ‘chose’ to not fix it.

This is unacceptable. I didn’t know it was bugged otherwise I would not have done the quest. Not everyone checks the forums often or even at all. They need to stop the quest at the wrathgate for now until it is fixed with a notification of some kind letting players know they are working on fixing the next part. I’m stuck on the battle for the Undercity with no way of completing the quest. I’m very disappointed.


They also blamed the old developers. It was broken in 2008 so…

They had all this time to fix it knowing it was broken in 2008 and chose not to.

What makes you think the “Layering Problem” is a bold lie? It seems like a likely cause based on how it’s bugged out for me.

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I do not remotely care about the story. The fact that I can’t skip all dialogue and animation annoys me to no end about this game. I rarely even looked at one word of a quest even going back to vanilla.

Not having the option to play how I like has been aggravating. Nothing takes me out of the game more than having to stop what I’m doing and stop the momentum to watch some Saturday morning cartoon animation about nonsense that I don’t even follow or have any idea what’s being talked about.


It bugged for me but I was able to wait in the instance for it to start over and it worked the second time through.

This quest should have been working properly though and it is disappointing to see something that was always a fond memory of wotlk questing not working at launch.

I sat there and tried to do the event for 2 hours last night I watched thrall glitch out at least six times and gave up after that.

Don’t act like we didn’t try
You got lucky

Dang man way to lash out on someone trying to give advice. I never accused anyone of not trying.

The only advice that needs to be given is to Blizzard.

not its players,

so direct your advice towards them.

I guarantee you they’ll listen to you lmao

I’ll give my advice to anyone I decide to troll.

Keep learning and you’ll agree with me more!

Turn that music off and play the Benny Hill theme. It fits perfectly with the current state of that quest


Best part is that they said they hotfixed it with an NPC today and the NPC is straight up not there. I’m weak.

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