Blizzard you're doing fine. There's nothing wrong with loot

Just because they don’t mention it doesn’t mean it isn’t in the works, they’ve been listening to feedback so far so what’s to say it won’t change? Seems like you’re also making false assumptions with 0 proof.

Each patch lasts 6 months. If we can get full mythic raid geared, if we are so incline, by the next patch by doing a raid progression of normal, heroic, mythic then I think its fine. That equates to around 2 pieces of loot a week. Great Vault counts. As a super casual player (check my gear), I think the pace is fine and I’m the one who is most effected by it

Exactly, this is why i’m not understanding the other poster’s argument at all.

Nope, I’m making an educated, informed decision based on the facts as they are known at this time, which for referenced are as follows:

You’re the one making a feely-craft judgement call on what you “think” they may do without any evidence to the contrary to support your position.

You’re just using some old talking points to justify yours, all i’m saying is to give them a chance to respond to people’s feedback and see what they have to say on Tuesday or whenever they get around to it. I don’t understand why people have to be so impatient, they find a problem and if it doesn’t get solved right there and then they whine on forums.

Care to explain how a response from Blizzard 21 hours ago is old? Perhaps I’ll just link you directly to Kaivax’s post, Great Vault bugged?.

What else are they suppose to be responding to? They identified the issue was a UI bug, nothing more. I don’t understand what it is you don’t grok here and why you think there is more to be done wrt the Vault.


You missed my entire point, and actually this makes my point even stronger because if they’re listening to feedback about bugs then clearly they’re working on it. Just be patient.

I dont see that happening without tremendous playtime and good luck with drops.

I find that hard to believe. At the very least, guilds with better luck can funnel gear to those with worst luck. But if it turns out to be true, I’d agree that loot numbers would need to change. I’ll reserve judgment until I see for myself though. I prefer sringier loot rules, because being all geared up in a month sucks and causes me to quit.

Nobody is going to be mythic geared in a month. Dont exaggerate in order to make a point.

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And with the loot rules that will take awhile, that raises the possibility of weeks of not getting anything beyond the vault and that just feels bad.

No one was fully geared in a month.

Stringer loot isn’t a bad thing, but only if it is meaningful loot, and its not, we still have rampant poor stat weights, underwhelming trinket effects and so on.

Less loot dropping worked before because of things like ML to let us pass loot around more, being able to enchant everything, starting in BC sockets, and then reforging poping up in the final days of wrath.

Now we have less loot, but less ways too inorder to make it useful beyond a ilvl bump if its poorly stat weighted, or we get a trinket thats terrible for our class, but the highest ilvl trinket we got, even if our friend would benefit from it.

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Now here’s a voice of reason and logical decency.

I tend to agree with you, loot rewards don’t need to be increased, but your 3 or 4 hours of raiding and attempting to get Heroic Sire Denathrius down shouldn’t award you with 35 anima…

I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. I’d just throw my keyboard through the window and forgo playing for the week.

Yep, there’s a lot of this going around. “Oh i got to 190 in the first two weeks mate, it’s fine attitude” sucks.

There’s people of all ilvls ranging from 170 to 190, applying for the raid and they’ve cleared all the dungeon content prior.

I still don’t think loot drops need to be increased, but nerfing castle Nathria was a tad much.

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Gotta love Classic Andy’s telling people they’re insane because they have a different opinion on how a video game functions.

Listen buddy, if your entire identity is that fragile and predicated by a specific version of WoW existing, perhaps you need to take a break from video games altogether.

I never understood this logic, if a guild is unable to clear past the first 2 bosses what makes them think they deserve to be better rewarded? Last xpac when i decided to make a warrior alt about 2-3 months before the end of BFA, I literally got 90% of my items within the first raid I did on heroic, guess how much of an incentive I had to play the warrior after that when it was already geared. The same was with my rogue, more loot is not better for the game, contrary to popular opinion

Not really. If anything badges were an incentive to continue the grind, they helped people progress instead of running the same dungeon 40+ times for 1 item. RNG is fine, masochism is not.

There are ways they could implement the badge system to make it better, methods to stop dungeon spamming of specific dungeons (dungeon locks are already a thing).

Make the badge gear 171 ilvl, and leave the mythic system as it is, would only be a good thing. No idea why you can’t see that. Oh, and before you chime in with your inevitable counter argument:

Just another expose post. You talk so much about how good it is to work hard for your gear, but you’re a dad of 3 with 2 jobs who gets carried by his guild apparently.

So what is it? You work hard, or you get spoonfed by your guild?

As said in another thread, there’s serious doubt you even have a 195 ilvl character with the amount of activity you’ve had within the forums instead of playing the game.

You can drop the act now :slight_smile:

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That dude posts on his alt, has spent more time sucking Blizzard’s nuts on the forums since SL release than taking care of his three kids and two jobs… really makes you wonder how much of what he’s been spewing out is true.


You do realize you are 190+ item level right? I fail to see how this loot system is so broken when you’re so incredibly geared right now.

just posted a ticket, 4 normal boss 2 mythic+2 completed and 0 loot.