Blizzard Who Hurt You? - Soar Nerf

…Also wait hold on, I’m sure I’m the 80th person to mention this but…

Advantage in Chromie Time (aka old content), transmog runs and pet battles?

I really don’t care if a race has an advantage with that. Vulpera can base camp anywhere for transmog runs and we let them.


have people forgotten about dungeoun portals? that people have gotten?

  • mage portals + city portals + engineering portals

and there also adding in raid portals in wow shaodwlands season 4?

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If you’re wondering how people can not see it, wonder no more. All you need to do is look at the post I created.

I bolded those 2 words there, “We Feel”. Oh so its still about how YOU FEEL? Did you once ever think about how we… THE PLAYERS will feel?

Back to the same old bull crap


What’s next? Remove druid ability to pick up herbs and some items on flying form because is an advantage of that class.


Honestly baffling, something that was receiving such positivity, such praise with a mix of a thread asking for the CD to be reduced…and they whiff.

This is like showing up to little league tee-ball, and missing?

It doesn’t work in combat, and as far as I’m aware it doesn’t work in instances either, you can’t herb from it like druid, normal dragon riding mounts, that everyone has, will completely outclass it in one/two weeks tops.

Also, as another point for “fairness” and correct me if I’m wrong Worgen and Druid were able to mount in the maw with running wild/travel form from the get go (it was even a major thing they pointed out saying they were the only ones that could do it), and everyone else had to hoof it on foot. If they didn’t see that as unfair then why is a gasket being blown about soar being unfair in OLD content, when that was brand new?


Blizz : WE can’t have those pesky Drakthyr soaring in old zones , it’ll cut into our token sales for people needing gold for Goblin Gliders"

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So you prefer having a rotten finished product than a objectively better iteration because you dont want to get invested? It’s this mind set that let the video game industry getting farther in the monetization practices, while giving less quality. Feedbacks are important and your opinion on a system is as much important as a dev one. If we all stop vocalizing about it, this wont be heard. And this time, they cant handle having another Warfont/Thorghast situation.

Uhhh no it won’t lmao. There isn’t a single race they could add that would surpass blood elf and human.


the new alpha build has not yet been implemented sir haha

Seems there is still some resistance in the team to just letting fun be fun.

I hope they see the error in this.


Uh oh, people are having fun and responding positively to this new feature we’re taking a risk on, we better smear a bit of feces on it. Seriously, this is gonna be like Torghast all over again. They some how accidently make something really fun, that almost everyone is responding positively to, and then pull some nightmarish thing, still wriggling, out of their butt to make it less fun or in this case nullify it almost entirely.

Being Dracthyr start at such a high level, you can boil it down to only two scenarios in which Soar is used; The Dragon Isle, and traversing old content. In the case of the Dragon Isles, this nerf makes it almost completely pointless. Why use your 5 minute cool down that can’t benefit from the talents and goes slower when you can just hop on your dragon? When it comes to old content, who cares if someone is able to flying around Azeroth or Shadowlands quickly- no one is out there anyway. You need a high place for it to be of any use, and after you dip below that 350% speed, you’re better off just mounting up.

When I saw Dragon Riding initially at the announcement, I rolled my eyes and assumed it was going to be some obnoxious and overly complicated flight-sim mechanic that would make flying slower. But after watching footage of it in Alpha, it actually looks really fun. I don’t want to see bad ideas go into this expansion and decreasing it from fun to a cosmetic feature that actively puts you at a disadvantage especially in current content.


They trashed their own design to placate whiners that don’t even exist. They’re utterly terrified of the community, yet so out of touch at the same time.


They’re really reaching here trying to justify this change
Note: I’m quoting the Blizz quote in this quote:

So are they removing the cooldown to compensate? Because

  1. Chromie Time - It has a 5 minute cooldown, you’ll only be using this once per quest at max and dracthyr start at level 58 so it’s not like they can powerlevel faster with Chromie time quests???
  2. clearing old raids - What? Did I miss the memo where they can use this inside instances or something here?
  3. pet battling - If you’re just grinding pets, they’re close enough that a flying mount is fine. If you’re looking for a special pet, you’re flying too fast that you might not even see it or hover over the minimap icon in time at your speed
  4. etc - So it’s faster to get from point A to B by using a long cooldown in some situations? There’s enough fast-travel methods like flight points/hearths/portals/teleport items/camping, are those unfair too?

This nerf is pretty dumb, only mildly irritated about it. I’m more irritated that they’re still leaving that stupid 5 min cooldown on it. And somehow they say this makes clearing old raids quicker? Wtf are they talking about? Did they forget they made it so Soar CAN’T be used in instances? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: You’re still going to be clearing the raids at a normal speed like everyone else.


I don’t think you understand what the term “narcissist” means, and I don’t see how you think I think my idea is wrong. It wasn’t my idea to nerf soar - I just support the nerf and Blizzards reasoning for it.

I haven’t said anything about pre-patch either, or getting it prior to df launch. I think you might fundamentally misunderstand the difference between dragon-riding and the racial ability “soar”.

So many people in these whine threads seem to think that dragon riding has been nerfed - it hasn’t and remains full 900% speed. It is only the OP racial that lets Dracthyr fly at 900% speed in the old world that’s been nerfed - and it’s still double the speed of every other race.

The only real problem with dragon riding is the completely separate and independent nerf they did to it by adding "weight, which made it feel sluggish. This affects everyone and has nothing to do with the soar racial, and this is what everyone should be complaining about. It’s a horrible change that makes the flying feel laggy and slow.

i think you need to read the thread first message agian, you will understand why everyone is talking about soar

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You don’t get 900% speed using Soar immediately
there are many ways to get around all of old content this is only some of them

  • mage portals + city portals + engineering portals, neche portal rings/cloaks

and there also adding in raid portals in wow shaodwlands season 4?

thats worldwide

soar can only be used once every 5min and fly on one map
somone on a steady 310% speed mount or taking portals or any other way of transportation can catch up in that time very easily wich i feel make’s the argument irrelevant

soar is on a 5min CD
to gain great distance you need to be up/at a high peak to even reach such a greater speed lol
and have to be far too attentive with it to even stay aloft, nobody has any idea yet until they try it for themselves just how actually difficult it can be to keep flying.
and doesnt have any of the recharge abilitys the dragon riding has


It really doesn’t matter in open world, especially old zones. Who cares. It’s just fun. No need to nerf it.

I’m sure they’ll revert it anyway.


It’s still twice as fast as not having it at all. Hardly “useless” and “not worth using”.