Blizzard Who Hurt You? - Soar Nerf

So all ya’ll in favor of keeping the original speed would be good with every other race getting a 900% move speed flying racial right?


Yes. Let folks use Dragon Riding in Azeroth.


That’s what I am saying. Tune it in PVP so it’s no different and offers no advantage. By doing that, they can make it RIDICULOUS in PVE and have FUN with it.

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Absolutely. Its stupid that they cant dragon ride wherever they want just as effectively.

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Torghast is the reason I’m not letting myself get invested in features before playing them. Too much time wasted making suggestions for a better apple when the devs were actually trying to make a pumpkin the whole time.

Yeah, I can relate. When I had to walk to every rare spawn in the Maw… while Druids and Worgen players got to go 100% faster than the rest of us. That was current content too I believe?


you cant use it in pvp lol or combat its only a glide and have to use it from high peaked places to even gain mobility
and have to be far too attentive with it to even stay aloft, nobody has any idea yet until they try it for themselves just how actually difficult it can be to keep flying.

not to mention its on a 5min CD??

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Then how could a faster speed give any advantage to anyone in the game? For real? People mad about NOTHING again? LOL

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That’s the thing. No one was angry. There were no complaints about Soar being fast. Blizzard just did this on a whim.

Soar was getting nothing but positive feedback and folks wanted to see it expanded.


it’s the old world bro, who cares?


thats why the nerf makes no sense haha

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The obvious solution is to let us dragon ride outside the Isles. Win-Win-Win


This is true but it does seem unfair to other races.

Would you be good with every other race getting a 900% move speed flying racial?

Because when Blizzard inevitably opens of Dracthyr to other classes, it would be the defacto choice due to the best racials and best character customization.

They essentially are when we get into DF and we get our Dragons to fly around. They also confirmed that it’ll be accountwide so all your characters are going to get access to the Dragonflight.

Also, for clarity, Soar is not flying. You also cannot reach that 900% flight speed without momentum, so you have to launch off a higher position.

Soar is just gliding.

Soar as it currently is isn’t comparable to the Dragon Flight system they are introducing as well. It is a worse flying mount.

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…Also wait hold on, I’m sure I’m the 80th person to mention this but…

Advantage in Chromie Time (aka old content), transmog runs and pet battles?

I really don’t care if a race has an advantage with that. Vulpera can base camp anywhere for transmog runs and we let them.


have people forgotten about dungeoun portals? that people have gotten?

  • mage portals + city portals + engineering portals

and there also adding in raid portals in wow shaodwlands season 4?

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If you’re wondering how people can not see it, wonder no more. All you need to do is look at the post I created.

I bolded those 2 words there, “We Feel”. Oh so its still about how YOU FEEL? Did you once ever think about how we… THE PLAYERS will feel?

Back to the same old bull crap


What’s next? Remove druid ability to pick up herbs and some items on flying form because is an advantage of that class.


Honestly baffling, something that was receiving such positivity, such praise with a mix of a thread asking for the CD to be reduced…and they whiff.

This is like showing up to little league tee-ball, and missing?

It doesn’t work in combat, and as far as I’m aware it doesn’t work in instances either, you can’t herb from it like druid, normal dragon riding mounts, that everyone has, will completely outclass it in one/two weeks tops.

Also, as another point for “fairness” and correct me if I’m wrong Worgen and Druid were able to mount in the maw with running wild/travel form from the get go (it was even a major thing they pointed out saying they were the only ones that could do it), and everyone else had to hoof it on foot. If they didn’t see that as unfair then why is a gasket being blown about soar being unfair in OLD content, when that was brand new?