Blizzard threaded the needle with Season of Mastery

There is no way everyone would be happy with any decision Blizzard makes, but the Season of Mastery #somechanges takes care of many of the core issues that the majority can agree upon with little risk of unintended game changing consequences:

  1. Experience to level (it will be on par with TBC, which has widespread approval by the player base)
  2. Removal of boss debuff limit changing up the meta ever so slightly and allowing more class specs to be raid viable.
  3. Plans to deal with mage boosting TBA
  4. A fairly aggressive BUT flexible phase schedule. They said ROUGHLY 2-months, depending on how the community feels progress is going. If it feels too rushed then they can delay a few weeks. Relax.
  5. No world buffs in raids (this shouldn’t even be contested by anyone. not a peep. zip it trolls.)
  6. a path forward out of fresh to a long-term server (classic or TBC) for those who want.

After the first year, Blizzard can consider other options to make fresh better in Season 2.


The Anti-world buff crowd refuse to acknowledge that if a world buff server existed in fresh, it would 100% be the most popular server lmao.


People tend to favor the easy route usually.


citation needed


It literally states:

We’re planning on increasing experience gains from what they were in the first iteration of WoW Classic. Our current plan is to set them close to what the 1-60 XP rates are in Burning Crusade Classic™ with a bigger focus on quest XP increases.


I’m referring to the part where it has “widespread approval by the player base”.


What are you expecting? Quotes from 200k players saying they want it?

I hate to break it to you but if the only enjoyment you get out of classic is taking a year to get to 60 then you are undoubtedly in the minority. If people really enjoyed the “journey” like you then the classic vanilla servers wouldn’t be a ghost town.


I expect a citation for the claim that it has widespread approval from the playerbase.

I love when people just make **** up and then act like anyone asking for proof is unreasonable.

And your basis for comparison is, what?


Too bad this isn’t a court of law.

I gave you a perfectly working example on why players don’t like classic vanilla’s leveling.

Sorry Mr Sealion I already know your games and I’m not gonna waste any more time with you.


yup, I’m fairly satisfied with this iteration of fresh classic. the faster leveling is just going to be bonus exp for quests, so it’s not that big a deal. the main thing I wanted was no world buff meta.


Imagine thinking the burden of proof only applies in a court of law, LOL.

I mean yeah, you can spout whatever nonsense you’d like. Just be prepared for people to call you a jive turkey. Just like I’m doing right now.

You gave me your opinion and tried to spin it off as a fact. I know to you they must seem like one and the same, but, alas, they are not.

Gotta go, pumpkin! Until next time!


Seems like reading was needed. :man_shrugging:

I haven’t heard many complaints about leveling experience in TBC.

I hit 70 in the first three weeks while no-life-ing it and was 9th in the guild of 200 active members to do so. The majority of my semi-casual 200+ guild hit 70 within the first 6-weeks of TBC. No complaints from anyone about being too easy or too short/long.

If you can find a thread that has/had active comments about the TBC leveling experience being too quick, have at it. Otherwise, you might evaluate yourself and identify as an isolated troll that has no added value to the community.


Imagine imagining imaginary imaginations.

Please just stop lol. ORT ORT ORT ORT

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Well. I don’t see many people complaining about it, so you could say it has widespread approval. Perhaps a better word than widespread could be used, but I digress.

I’m not sure how BC classic is with exp. It it similar to how it worked in vanilla BC? If so then I’m indifferent about it. It wasn’t that big of a deal back then. Maybe a 20-30 hours difference from 1-60.


Honestly this is very refreshing and they gave us a timetable. Overall couldn’t be happier with this news!!!


Man you’re toxic as hell. First time I ever visit the forums and this garbage is what I find.

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Agreed! Very excited. The last thing they need to address is the PvP system. I think there’s widespread consensus that the R14 grind, while iconic for vanilla, is toxic as hell.

It needs an overhaul while still making it feel ‘exclusive’ in some way.


Organics is a troll. Please flag said Troll’s post and report him to keep him off the forums.

I’m no fan of TBC, but I at least hope this Classic reboot somewhat has some similarities to what TBC is today. Namely, time investment. It’s obvious that these raids are more time consuming - not the 30 minute steam rolls we had in Classic. Guilds need to prioritize and think about when and what raids to do since they can’t do all of them. They need to think about adding or extending raid days. 2 times a week for 2-3 hours may not be enough.

Heroic Blood furnace can still be a nightmare.

While everything has been figured out, there are still road blocks here and there. It’s still not great, but it’s more a game than Classic Vanilla was. That was just a flow chart.