Blizzard, talk to your community

I do agree that the word “exploitative” being very vague is a concern, to me. But, I am grateful that they did this Change instead of just actioning against accounts for simply going over the 30 Instance Cap. Personally. I’m not quite on the train that Blizzard “doesn’t care”. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t have Classic, to begin with.

We’re in the same boat about playing the game, for a long time, along with being on the Forums, for a long time. I believe Blizz is pretty vague with their announcements, personally. My money is they don’t want people to look up how to do these exploits.

Likewise, with my Dungeon Spam conclusion.

Again, “generally” doesn’t mean “all the time”. You’re absolutely right about the Layering and Black Lotus. When it comes to Exploits, however why would Blizz tell us how to Exploit their game? That doesn’t make any sense.

For me, personally, I think the 30 Instance Cap is saying it. Do we really need Blizz to say “hey guys, we don’t want you to do more than 30 Instances, in a 24 hour period.”?

I mean, we even have the 5 Instances in 1 hour Cap, as well. I think that’s plenty of information in letting us know, where Blizz stands on how many Dungeons, they want us to be doing.

And, I respect that.

We can still have a conversation about it, in a respectful manner.

Not really a lot to discuss, imo. You don’t agree, I don’t agree with you, I don’t see either of us budging.

We both see they are treating this different than usual, and have our opinions as to why.

Generally speaking, we both arrived at our positions not based on facts, but how we feel about the facts. You can’t change someone’s opinion with facts or logic when they didn’t form that opinion on facts or logic.

I actually agree with you, on most things you’ve said. Not sure why you disagree with me so much. You simply just disagree without explaining why, even though I did with you, but I guess, it’s just what you do.

Budging on what? I’m just having a conversation. I even asked you a couple of questions, but I guess I won’t get an answer. You’re determined to just disagree with me. Not sure why.

And, I wouldn’t mind collaborating and exchanging ideas to see what that reason may (keyword) be.

You keep assuming I’m here to change people’s minds. I’m not. I’m here to discuss the matter, at hand here and learn.

Ok, how much game-design talk do you want to get into?

They can’t. They fired all those people

Right now, the hot topic being this 30 Instances per 24 Hours Cap.

Personally, I haven’t quite hit it, yet. I’ve been notating how often I’ve been running dungeons, to see if I’ll ever reach it. The most I’ve done, in one day, I think is maybe 10 - 15. I’ll take a day to maybe take a break from Dungeoning and slap on 1 - 2 Dungeons, during that break, before the 10 - 15 resets itself. I tend to reach the halfway mark.

Personally, I agree that this odd change doesn’t really change the Botting problem. Nor those using Exploits. I’m assuming (keyword) they’re trying to get these Bots/Exploiters out into the World (instead of hiding in dungeons, all day) to make them easier to detect by some of us (those who don’t necessarily spam Dungeons, all the time) to /report them “better”.

As it stands, right now, I’ve maybe reported 3-4 Botters, on Bloodsail. And, that’s because they were out in the world. Since this change, I’ve gotten more Spam Whispers from those posing as Blizzard, trying to get me to go to their spam sites.

As it stands, right now, maybe (keyword) this was Blizz’s intent? I’m happy to discuss something else, if it’s brought up. As it stands, right now, this Thread is talking about the 30 Instance Cap, rule.

I think you misunderstand my question.

I can point out why this is probably not intended, based on how blizzard generally does their game design, and what would be better game design more in line with how they usually operate.

However, this is largely going to be my opinions and observations as a consumer of their products. It’s gonna take me a while to type, and be a fair bit of effort.

Do you want to read that? Because it’s gonna take me a while to put pen to paper.

Despite us disagreeing a lot, we are on the same server. I’d be happy to have this discussion either on the Server Discord (not sure where to find that, maybe you can help me), in the Game (though, I hardly ever see you on), B-Tag, whatever.


I’d like to give it a week or so in that case. I’m not entirely sure they won’t revert this decision, which would make the conversation moot.

It also seems likely they will tell us more about their reasoning soon.

Aw, don’t wanna be “friends” with me? I see how it is :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m actually trying to get some resources, together, for an UBRS, for my Husband and my Friend, so they can complete their Ony Attune. Want to join?

Not saying we’re going to do this, right now. Just gathering up the numbers, when it happens.

Feel free to give me a poke when you’ve settled on a time.

If you /who my guild, they can let you know if I’m on an alt, or poke me on our guild discord.

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