Blizzard stopped doing april fools pranks?

I used to love them!


You haven’t looked very carefully this morning have you


I don’t see anything either.

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The website stuff usually comes later in the day.

The faux patch notes are already up on the forums.

You must have missed it!

BFA was the joke. A very early joke.


BFA is a godsend as allied races is the best thing to happen to wow.

Wowhead had a pretty good one.:grin:

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[quote=“Melantha-alexstrasza, post:8, topic:140369”]
Wowhead had a pretty good one.:grin:

I would like it if the regular horde forsaken had customizations like that… might actually make one.

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You remember the recent ActiBlizz layoffs where they culled a lot of the non-dev people? The Community people were responsible for the April Fool’s jokes.

They did one a post on the forums.
I miss the paper clip, and GC’s crab.
I don’t think anything was done to the main page.

I think the Human Racial should be “Every Skinny Kul Tiran for Himself”

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Yes, due to Chinese censorship we now have ruined everything


Please see WOW Patch notes for version 8.6.7 Build 5309 :wink:

Well played!

This is actually a myth.

The actual story is that due to “possible” censorship of bones/undead stuff, the Chinese company who “runs” the game there cut them off at the pass and did Undead Characters that way; It is unknown, whether once the game was coming out, if the government would have said it had to be censored. They may have not even cared, about the “cartoony” level of it in Wow.

It even seems like that company did somethings as kind of a joke, like turning some undead/bone stuff hanging around into “loaves of bread.”