BLIZZARD: Some food for thought incase you ever read this

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I’ve been around since late BC, so I’m not surprised at all that we haven’t been able to play on the day that it was scheduled to go live. That being said, one thing that completely eludes me is why you guys don’t just cut your losses at some point and announce that it’ll be down until the next day at the same time?

Furious hordes of Karens flood the forums every single time, but to their credit, they are being jerked around over and over again, so all of this raging spam is completely to be expected. It’s one thing to have to deal with the disappointment of being delayed for a whole calendar day, but another thing to have to deal with the disappointment of another calendar day, one tiny bite at a time. I’ve got to say, taking today off would’ve been less of a waste of time if I didn’t have to come back for every one of Blizzard’s incremental updates only to find that it’s been delayed another hour or two.

Just trying to give some constructive criticism here, I’m not here to whine like 85% of the others online right now. Maybe finally consider just ripping the bandage off in fewer pulls by delaying in much bigger increments, or even just days at a time. It’ll take the pressure off of you guys a little bit, and it’ll free up a lot of time for those of us who want to zone in the minute it goes live. Bigger delays are more disappointing than smaller ones, but if you overestimate the time needed and cut back on the number of updates everyone sits through, literally everyone will be happier and maybe these forums will have a little less mellowdrama on launch days.

See you all at launch.


If you’ve been around since tbc then you should know that this same post is made a hundred times ever single time there’s (extra)extended-maintenance. This “suggestion” has been made to them thousands of times, from at least the time I started (2007).

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If you started in 2007, you should know that I have nothing better to do right now than mess around on the forums and offer a perspective that I’m not seeing posted anywhere, despite that perspective not being very unique or original. :stuck_out_tongue:

That doesn’t make it a bad suggestion.

And your post has also been made hundreds of times. Just be quiet

Wasn’t trying to antagonize you. Was just pointing out that they’ve been ignoring this kind of suggestion (however good) for a long time now.

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I suppose so. But I also haven’t ever seen them acknowledge that this suggestion exists, so it can’t hurt to keep trying until they eventually adopt it or say “Nah, that’s wack”.

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