Blizzard should add Panda Druid to Pandaren like they added Highborne Mages to Night Elves

Before the complaints that are going to happen. See the art director Ely Cannon’s comments about the customizations added in Shadowlands.

According to another post that asks for void elf paladins:

They’ve added High Elven customizations to Void Elves so you can “Choose where you want to align and what fantasy you want to play out.”

However, part of that fantasy for Pandas is that their entire lore revolves around nature.

Adding Druids to Pandaren in the same way they added Highborne Mages to Night Elves completes that class fantasy.

If they are adding Void Elf Paladins then there should be Pandaren Druids too.

Extra points if they change Bouncy racial to something a bit more useful.


There’s definitely lots of room for more race and class combinations, and hopefully the new expansion delivers on some of that. I have no doubt that previous class combinations were lambasted as being “not lore friendly” despite them being fine after being… introduced into lore, so the argument makes little sense anyways.

If I can be a Yak in bear form, I will never ever play anything other than a Pandaren Druid again.


Would love a panda druid. Bear form would be cool. The humanoid panda just sighs and goes down on all 4s.

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Honestly never made any sense to me on why Pandaren can’t be druids, should have been a baseline option since the start, it makes sense lore-wise, so I feel like there is nothing holding them back from making this change.


There’s no connection to the Emerald Dream for Pandaren.

Some people offer close to nature forget about Shamans.

Some people offer Wild Gods forget Loa hate druidism.

Exactly, It makes more sense for a Pandaren to be druid than a Zandalari troll.

Not all druids have to be connected to the Emerald Dream, there are druids of flame who have their power originate from Raganaros.

Who are you quoting here?

I don’t see why not. Plus, and Blizz, you’ll love this, making Pandas any new class means a new class for each faction with half the work.

Though I don’t know about Panda tanks. Real pandas can’t even tank gravity.

Panda Druids or riot.

They have four Wild Gods. They’re referred to as the August Celestials.

There are few differences between Wild Gods, Loa and August Celestials.


i agree 110%. i want pandaren druids dangit! i wanna be able to play as a white-tiger!!

I will main a Pandaren if they ever had the option to be druids, just saying.

Fandral has already been a Druid, it’s definitely corruption as we’ve seen with the Dark Iron Dwarves.

True as they teach similar abilities but have different methods. Some teach Shamanism while others become Priests.

They are all connected to the dream.

Two of those three make druids.

There is nothing stopping the August Celestials. Pandaren are a valid request.

No need to develop druidism while they teach others to become monks however it has to be a Gonk situation.

Nature will guide ya when all else fails.

Zen’tabra, are you one of the druids from the rumors? Were there druids on the Echo Isles long ago?

<Zen’tabra laughs.>

We spread dose rumors, mon. Keep’n Zalazane and others off our tails. Don’t be believin’ everytin ya hear.

No, we be new ta de craft, only learnin’ a few years ago. But in some ways, we spend our lives preparin’ ta answer de call…

What were you before you were druids, then?

Some o’ us be loa priests, witch doctors before. Like Zalazane…

<Zen’tabra’s face grows hard as her gaze drifts south.>

We thought de spirits be angry wit us; we did not suspect it be Zalazane slowly cuttin’ us off from dem. We knew he be strong, but not dat strong… and by de time his voodoo had reached de other isles, we was powerless ta stop 'im.

How did you escape Zalazane?

<Zen’tabra closes her eyes and shakes her head.>

When Vol’jin called for everyone ta flee, we… couldn’t face de tribe after failing dem so badly. So, we fled south, ta de untamed jungle islands.

De wilds claimed a few o’ us dat first night. We found safety in a deep cave in de center o’ de isle, but me dreams dere were not peaceful: I be havin’ a vision!

What was the vision?

<Zen’tabra’s head snaps back to you, her eyes bright and her smile wide around her tusks.>

'Twas a jungle bigger and wilder dan I ever seen! And before me, de ancient raptor loa only talked about in Zandalari tales-Gonk, de Great Hunter!

De raptor spirit spoke ta me, told me he had brought me spirit to a place called de Emerald Dreem. De spirit had been trapped, like de other loa on de Echo Isles, by Zalazane’s magic. But Gonk, bein’ an ancient spirit, was able ta reach across and bring me spirit ta him, even through Zalazane’s voodoo.

What did the spirit want?

Zalazane’s mindless servants were killin’ all de beasts o’ de isles, burnin’ up de trees and plants too. Gonk needed us ta save de life on de isles. But since we not be able ta draw upon de power o’ de loa wit Zalazane in power, Gonk be showin’ us a new way ta connect wit ALL de spirits o’ nature, ta work WIT de spirits, not just be servin’ a single loa at a time.

It be difficult at first, ya, mon, but Gonk be showin’ us how ta also reach inta de Emerald Dream wit de spirits and learn from dem directly!

How did the other loa react to this?

<Zen’tabra laughs.>

De other loa, ‘specially Shirvallah, did not much care for dis plan. Dey still be wantin’ us ta work just for one o’ dem at a time, not wit all de spirits at once. But Gonk had forced dere hands, and de knew it was de only way ta save de isles while Zalazane still rules.

I be tinkin’ dat Gonk did not care for de other loa much either. He be teasin’ de other loa all de time while we be learnin’ from dem.

So what happened then?

We been workin’ wit de spirits for many moons now, mon, but many o’ us already knew de forms o’ de loa we served before. It not be easy, but de Emerald Dream be a powerful teacher by itself-havin’ de spirits demselves also teachin’ ya… it hurries tings along.

Dat don’t mean ‘twas easy keepin’ safe from Zalazane. Even wit our new tricks combined wit de loa givin’ what help dey could, we lost a few bruddas and sistas over de years ta his voodoo and mindless servants. But we kept de life o’ de isles alive, and when Vo’jin and de Darkspears returned, we knew just how ta take Zalazane down.

So are the loa still holding to their side of the deal?

Ya, mon, for now. Dey not be too keen on teachin’ many more o’ our kind, but dey be helpin’ us ‘long as we be keepin’ de life o’ de isles flourishin’. When Gonk left after de fall o’ Zalazane, he be tellin’ us how ta contact him if de other loa don’t keep dey end o’ de bargain.

I be hopin’ it never come ta dat… but just in case, we be openin’ up channels wit dat Cenarion Circle group.

<Zen’tabra cackles madly.>

Oh, ya shoulda seen de look on dat night elf’s face…

Nothing stops the August Celestials from providing the links to druidism, nor for the Pandaren now well acquainted with druids to apply themselves to it. The Celestials need only provide a focus by which they can access the dream.

The Zandalari actually do have druids that are no different than Night Elven ones, as they worship Elune directly.

Further Gonk taught the Darkspear the beginnings of his teachings then sent them to learn from the Cenarion Circle.

So again. Pandaren by your example and all others are very capable of becoming druids. There would literally be no lore issues at all and no real changes needed.

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I honestly see Pandaren Druids coming first before Void Elf Paladins.

I think everything except maybe draenei should be able to be warlocks. People new/don’t remember that most races consider them pariah. Culture is a non factor.

Paladins should be a natural progression for anything that can become a priest since that’s how they treat it in game now.

I mean, the highlight of the priest order hall for me was a night elf rerolling to paladin right in your face. I laughed so hard.