Blizzard should add High Elven Paladins to Void Elves like they added Highborne Mages to Night Elves

Shhhhhh. Maybe we can get rid of them w/o breaking a sweat.


I mean, Ion is literally like, “We can make up a reason for Void Elves to have Paladins.” so it doesn’t need to be fixed at all.

Void glyphs for later are fine. But not necessary.

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If so then they’ve joined the VEs and now study the Void, so you’re arguing of the Elves interested in studying the void, Paladins are in that? Mmm no, also Vereesa is neutral as is Dalaran.

Not only that if they got the class through a class skin how long do we really think it would be before the tune changed to “let us be regular paladins too blizzard give us a glyph to play as either the void or the regular class that way people who want the regular class can be happy too!”


Probably healthier for Alliance pop if they add Paladins to Void Elves. unless they just don’t care anymore.

Just give me an example that wouldnt work cause there is none.Void magic can heal look a shadow Mend. So just having a visual for Void looking spell would do the trick just pretend its void themed name for it

High elves joining the “Void” elves obviously isn’t going to comprise of light wielders like holy priests and paladins. You’re desperately reaching if that’s your argument.


The argument would be they are “void elfs” because they are AVOIDING the horde!


The Void Elves are led by an elf married to Turalyon.

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Super Hot Fire meme.

so why dont they have velf features? the silvermoon scholars are still blood elves and the high elf wayfarers are still high elves. they are studying it, but havent relented to becoming it

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Mind posting on your main? I want to know if you actually push CE, or are you just virtue signaling for something you want? If you aren’t pushing CE and complaining about alliance pop that’s hilarious.

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Last I checked you’re using the options in question Hyper, yet you still turn blue in combat correct?


I dont think it should be via glyph tough. But VE shouldnt have the option to change. But other race should have the option to get via quest like FelFire. But once learned you can’t go back. ‘‘Same as Felfire Quest’’

Or maybe they get a quest to learn Light and get a light visual on their passive if they really want to stretch a compromise

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I’m definitely not pushing CE because I’m a M+ player friend. I don’t do raids.

KSM is M+ CE. So I’m guessing your just virtue signaling alliance pop disingenuously for something you want?

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KSM is easy. :rofl:

What does that have to do with anything? Alleria doesn’t use the “light” just because her husband does, and Turalyon doesn’t use the void, in fact Alleria deliberately turned away from the light in favor of the void’s powers, where she was warned by the Naaru that if she continued down that dark path, the light could not help her.

Any High elf joining the “Void” elves is going to be doing it for the same reason. Their interest in the “void”. Any elf devout, or penitent in the light would never turn to the void - Heck just go listen to the sermon between light and dark in Shattrath. Different ideals, and conflicting magic.

Your argument is a reach.


I know that’s why I’m wondering why you don’t have season 3 KSM



correct. however, if i wanted to make an elf paladin on alliance, the only feasible way would be what i already suggested for velfs and nelf paladins too. why you so concerned? you already got more classes than most races? i will never understand this. and i’ve even advocated for you to have access to more belf classes, like druids, dark rangers and spellblades.


Not my main this season. :slight_smile: Still has keystone master. Check out 9.2 though.