Blizzard, please verify the drop rate for Deathcharger's Reins and other mounts

I forgot the ZG mount even existed. We ran ZG like a million times. Never saw that mount either.

The one I would have killed for is the Phoenix mount from KT. But we only killed him a few times and then moved on to the next raid.

Dream in this context- something I hope happens but probably not.

There is currently so much more wrong with the game; focusing on a mount drop percentage seems very feckless.

Do we have patch notes or complete proof it was buffed over the years?

I know I have spent 14 years farming for the stupid thing and only got it to finally drop for me last year.

I concur.

While I don’t want the drop rate to be any higher, I would like other things addressed and fixed before this rises to the top of the priority list is all.

Been 15 years for me and it’s never dropped. Just pointing that out. Seems like a myth now.

I got the horse in cata on my birthday :smiley:

I thought the ZG raptor and tiger were about 1%? I saw one of each drop during vanilla, didn’t win them of course but still… I saw a lot more tigers and raptors than deathchargers it seemed.

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I highly doubt it’s 1/1000. I never see it anywhere on any server. A lot of people run Strat UD.

1/10000 maybe.

There’s one on Pagle alliance.

My recollection which isn’t necessarily accurate:
Vanilla - 1/3000
BC - 1/1000
Wrath onward - 1/100

I would say this “feels” right. I think the ZG mounts were more common, though obviously still very rare.

You’re doing it wrong. You’re a rogue, you can skip the trash.

On retail, the dungeons are infinitely spammable. The fastest way to get the mount is to multibox five 110+ druids. But that’s hardly necessary.

110 druids can hearth to the Emerald Dreamway at the end of the dungeon. Hearthing right back puts you at the entrance, ready to begin the next run.

I did it on two 110 druids. One soloed and the other was on follow. It took about 80 runs, which worked out to 160 kills.

I did it in one weekend.

it’s 0.07% for rivendares IIRC.
Zulian and Razashi are higher at 1%.

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I just want to know how many of these mounts have been looted and then deleted/abandoned lol…

I got one first time thru. New to the game and I love the mount!

I remember having one of these on my Dwarf Pally in Vanilla - first time through. One of the group was so angry they immediately dropped group (after cursing) - I didn’t know anything about the mount, so asked “did I do something wrong?” - another member laughed and said no, then explained it to me.

I never got my Epic Pally mount on that toon and would exclusively ride the skeletal horse :slight_smile: