Blizzard, please stop being quiet about solo shuffle

We have not heard a single peep out of blizzard about the solo shuffle leaver plague we’re currently living through. We now have players actively saying in chat “I’m leaving if the healer doesn’t heal me” (came from a shaman), and leaving the match after getting trained a few times.

We need a solution, given the que times and the length of an average solo shuffle match, players are having 45 minutes of their time completely wasted when somebody leaves. No rating, no conquest, they throw a measly 300 honor at you, and you have to start the process all over.



Just be patient. Break just ended. We just have to play a bit of the painful waiting game.

What do you want them to do? They’re already eating a major leaving penalty (around -150/200 rating) which requires multiple games to recover, and that’s assuming they’re all wins. I imagine they have the same approach as M+ leavers.

I know a leaver penalty has been proposed but then you enter the realm of “Random Acts Of The Light” causing unintentional leaves to bean you with both the point penalty and a softban on queueing again.

If people are really that eager to leave over not getting healed, I’d say consider their decision to leave as opposed to them dragging you, and your rating, down with them with their selfish acts a blessing, even if it doesn’t garner you much actual benefit.

The penalty is clearly not stiff enough, 150-200 rating does not take that much to recover (if you can actually finish an entire solo shuffle).

I que’d into solo shuffle 3 consecutive times earlier this week and I was not able to complete a single one of them. The whole process took >2 hours and had nothing to show for it. I have completed a total of 3 out of 10 solo shuffles so far this season, and I know for a fact that I’m not the only one with similar statistics. If the penalty for leaving was sufficient then clearly we wouldn’t be having such a widespread problem.

Actually it is more of a loss to lose your games then it is to just leave, that is the main problem. If you don’t go at least 4-2 then you are better off just leaving.

They say this is planned for the future. They don’t specify dates because they like to watch us suffer. They have a simple business model. Trick people into buying the next expansion and let them quit due to lack of good content or imbalanced unfinished experiences. Less people to support. Release another expansion 2 years later and sell them again. Repeat.

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Well, that’s the thing. Due to the very nature of Solo Shuffle all experiences are personal anecdotes. I really haven’t ran into that many leavers on my end…Still, I know for some it is a real issue.

Honestly I’d say that’d be a good fix. People think they can get away with leaving because they can just swap to a new character and just queue on them instead. Preventing that will be a pretty strong deterrent.

I usually lose -50~ish rating on a match that goes south. I left one Solo Shuffle in SL (I’m not happy about it: I got properly tilted and there’s no excuse for it) and it was a big 200 point dock.

It only made a bad thing worse…

They leave because it doesn’t effect MMR only CR. CR is easy to get. MMR is the important number. Recovering CR is nothing compared to recovering MMR. It is a well known exploit.

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Every time I see solo shuffle

I think of this,

That was 3 weeks ago, 4 days after the season started. 3 weeks into the season and the problem is way bigger than anticipated. Did you even read the blue post? It says nothing to address the problem this post is focused on.

Report this guy for trolling.

Blizzard hasn’t really interacted directly to players in a long time (outside of sometimes appear on simp youtube creator channels).

Blizzard is quiet about most things, especially pvp.

I don’t leave even if it is a blow to MMR to eat the loss. It just feels not good to do.

Yea, and? Do you daily updates? Lmao you’re a child.

It’s literally the first bullet point.

Embarrassed for you.

Ok so replace every instance of “solo shuffle” with “Mythic Plus Dungeon” and we’ve got a great idea here.

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I do hope something gets fixed soon. I dont know whats got OP so angry, but I know my main issue is leavers. Making it so leavers take a BIG hit to their MMR and it seems they are addressing people getting no rating/conquest for leavers and I’m pretty happy about that.