Blizzard please increase server capacity

Currently a 300 minute waiting time with a position of 2944. Seriously?

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What is the point of this Thread?
There is already a Blue post on the issue… Post your suggestions/feedback there.


Or transfer? You can’t have your high pop realm and play on it too.


Plenty of medium-high pop realms with solid community and no queues!

Player made problems need player made solutions.

You can transfer, re-roll, or wait your turn. I’m not sure how this is such a difficult concept.


Retail mindset. Players want Blizzard to save them from their choices.


Not in the Oceanic battlegroup.

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So what do you suggest? Cross-realm phaseing/layering? Layers? The classic community would flip out if this happened.

This is what the classic community wants, so /shrug. Transfer to a new server or reroll. I dunno what else to tell you. And besides the zones are nor designed for the new server cap anyways without layering to begin with. They should have kept layering and changed how world boss and lockouts work.

All the more reason to implement it IMO.

Honestly, I dislike the #NoChanges players anyways. Because those players want changes, but changes that pservers did, or what they want. Like TBC but at only lv 60.

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I recently rolled an alt with a friend who just started. He didn’t want to deal with the queue times on Faerlina, so we went to Grobbulus. I was surprised to see queues there last night, too!

Do you dislike the players, or dislike their opinions, perspectives, or ideas?



Get used to it. The queue times are going to grow here too. By middle of next week it will probably be just as bad as other servers.

Yeah, I don’t really care personally. I didn’t want to play there, but my friend wanted to avoid the queues on Faerlina. I’d rather only play on Faerlina.

Server capacity should be lowered to Vanilla caps and more servers added.

There are a number of servers with under 2000 players total logging in daily in the past two weeks - windseeker, deviate delight, azuresong, thalnos, arcanite reaper, anathema, felstriker, loatheb. (These servers should have no queue or at least a very short one.)
There is also a few very sad imbalanced servers with around 2500 - 5000 players total that need some love
You and/or your friend could try one of these servers and maybe help the imbalance on one of them too?

There are not plenty of servers in the OCE region, how is this such a difficult concept for some people to realise?

No free transfers off Arugal as well and paid transfers still being allowed. I know plenty of people, me included, who main Alliance on Argual and have Horde alts on Yojamba. If we want queue relief, we have to transfer to a dead realm and pay for the privilege.

I did that during phase 2, and got to level 60 as a Paladin, in a guild that supposedly was Alliance because they wanted to be the underdog, and focus on PVP.

As soon as transfers were made available, they transferred off the server to a lower pop server that was Alliance favored.


Well, i’m sorry you had that experience…
Merely a suggestion towards the issues of new players & queue times along with supporting the lower populated servers.

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