Blizzard, please have some sort of gold sink/reset going into TBC Classic!

You don’t have to buy gold to be rolling in it. You just have to… Get ready for it… Play the game.

No, they should not reset anything for TBC. People should be able to copy/transfer from vanilla servers to TBC servers with some restrictions set in place to prevent gold duplication. Basically it should be treated just as original TBC was only with the option to stay in vanilla land if you wish.

No, let the players keep the gold they earned. Not blizzards fault that the players are going hard like they are now vs then. DO NOT restrict players, the dungeon/raid restriction is BS as it is.

Like five times easier. Everything will cost a lot more because gold will be way easier to make. Quests reward a lot more gold, mobs drop a lot more, and items vendor for a lot more.

So I don’t think carryover gold is going to make much difference in the long run. It will be worth like 1/5 what it is now due to inflation. People are going to blow through that gold in the first couple of months and before long, most of the gold in the economy will be from Outland, not Azeroth.


TBC isn’t even confirmed but if it were I’d bet all the gold across all of my characters right now that gold buyers in classic will still be gold buyers in TBC, and the market will be completely distorted as such.

Whether that distortion and rampant inflation occurs day 1 or day 100 it’s inevitable with how condoned this type of behavior now is due to the fact that you can now officially buy gold in retail.

Players aren’t going hard. People are buying gold from massive botting enterprises and inflating the amount in circulation which causes everything to go up in price. We are circulating bot gold, not legit gold.


The majority of WoW players agree and want FRESH TBC servers.

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Well…I personally don’t want a completely fresh server. I would still like to continue with this character and all of the gear I have accumulated…

But the gold can go.

However, if they did do completely fresh (from level 1 I am assuming)…I wouldn’t be devastated. I’d still play.

EDIT: I should have clarified…when I said complete reset, I meant complete gold reset. My bad fam.


No. They Do not. “Majority” of players. What kind of grandstanding is that?

Boom. Literally as soon as you posted this you got a different perspective. What conjecture.

I don’t think majority of players want fresh TBC, although I like the idea of fresh (as seen in priv*** serv***). The best solution imo is allow character copies onto a TBC server with the option of keeping your character(s) on a Classic vanilla server or take those character(s) to TBC.

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I want as many players as possible to play TBC. If the economy is so inflated that new players are effectively discouraged from playing, that’s a net loss for all of us.

TBC’s gold sinks are also not designed for players having thousands of gold. Most of OG Vanilla players didn’t even have an epic mount until TBC.

Gold cap accounts to 10000 gold, and make every item / mats on that account BoP. They’ll still have a huge advantage (instant flying, easy professions leveling, etc.) without creating a case of top-1% in-game.

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What if taking things away from the masses discourages them?

Pretty sure that if you’re sweaty enough to farm more than 10000 gold in Classic, you’ll be sweaty enough to continue playing well into TBC.

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Oh so dismiss those you have to maybe get others.

So… As a mage… 10kg is actually pretty easy to make just by boosting for a few hours every weekend.

Its not even that sweaty.

Oh, and since I can buy Greater Arcane Elixir mats for ~5g and can sell the elixirs themselves for ~8g, that money doesn’t stop growing while I’m out working.

10kg from a few months of doing this is actually very easy.

Boosting gold is mostly bought gold this is common knowledge

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TBC should be a complete reset and seperate from Classic.


Better yet, Blizzard needs to fix the fly/teleport hacking that is rampant right now.


I’ve tried keeping up the old school way, open world farming and gathering. Couldn’t keep up. I didn’t have time to compete with the bots. Blizzard doesn’t do anything so I have to adapt.

Now I can spend a few hours over the weekend in Mara and walk out with 1k+. Easily enough for consumes the next month.

I know alot of people will be attached to their characters, some have requested new servers where we level from 1-70 when TBC. The survey had alot of questions about copying/new server.

I hope they give the option for copying to a new server so we can keep our toons on classic in-case we wanted to go back. Would be a nice option. But with limitations on copying characters with a gold limit cap in transfer

I’d be fine with a 5k cap per character. But 1-2k is far too low.