Blizzard PLEASE fix WQ's!

since I’ve seen the quidditch quest


Actually it’s a change that’s great for casuals. The change to 3.5 days means casuals can get as much done as a hardcore player without having to commit as much time per day and can play at their convenience / leisure.

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Thaldraszus, near the Academy.

And it’s not nearly as fun as it sounds.

There was a blue post about this a couple of weeks ago. They do not plan to add more world quests and they explained why. Maybe ask again after renown is capped.

  1. Less content is never better.
  2. “Casuals”? Your bias is on display.
  3. Let’s change raids so that they reset once a month so raiders wouldn’t feel forced to raid every week to keep up. This is a change that’s great for raiders.

This was their response recently:

I don’t really think WQ count as “content”

Considering that’s who asked for it and who continue to support it, yes casuals did want it and I am enjoying the change as well.

Raids already reset once a week, don’t be a salty sailor :slight_smile:


This. Even if they do add more WQ they’ll follow that up with nerfing renown per quest. they’re almost certainly not going to change the rate of renown per week. So, why would you want to do more quests for less renown each than be able to get all your weekly renown in less time?

Who wants that? If you miss a a few quests you’re behind. Rather play 3 days per week than have to play every day to get weekly cap.

No need to talk further. You add nothing productive.

Moving along….


The majority of playerbase was very clear in fact most wanted 7 day reset on WQ and fewer so the players can focus on M+ and Raids. Very few, if any, want to do WQ.

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The pot calling the kettle black :stuck_out_tongue:
Most people don’t want daily world quests and you’re going to have to deal with it.


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but that isn’t the case at all - in fact it is fastest to do the grind.

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these ‘casuals’ you talk about are the same people you claim are scared of getting behind - those people always were behind and they didn’t care.

when did they do this poll? they never sent me a survey.


I’d argue the people who want 2-3 hours of WQ every day aren’t casuals.


you obviously aren’t even doing world quests if you think they take 2-3 hours to do - I am sure you can finish them all in an hour in fact.


Sources; I just know… so stop asking.

Good sign to not take a post seriously.


By all means, make a video doing all the WQ in an hour or less, while also gathering. I’d be interested in seeing it.

Blizzard made the change in reaction to public opinion so they must have the numbers, or else they wouldn’t of changed it.

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