Blizzard PLEASE fix WQ's!

I mean I do mythics and I raid a bit, Im personally all over the place but I know a lot of people out there just want to wander the world and do their own thing in solitude and more power to them I say. At this point theres really no reason to hold back daily WQ because someone would feel obligated to do them to not fall behind. We are well past that point.


personally, I would consider outdoor raid bosses and such like that where you join together, complete a simple objective fairly quickly, and then promptly disband ‘casual group content’. I suppose a quick random LFG would also count, despite being more complicated/involved. ‘Casualness’ is a point of view.

I would say watch this space. Will be interesting to see what content the traders hut thingie brings and the new storm bring in. But yeah probably are free to do more world quests depending on how much time you have, not getting gear out of them, just hunting the renoun at this stage.

I’m not into PVP, I dislike mythic +, but I have the will power (apparently), to simply not do things in this game I don’t enjoy. I also know that by not participating in a activity I dislike puts me behind gear wise. And that doesn’t bother me at all. I’m not going to do activities I hate. No one is forced to do anything in this game.

I enjoyed WQ’s, I did them at my own pace and never felt like I was forced to do them. I’m sorry that some of you seem to have issues with compulsion, but your “FOMO” is not the player bases problem. A video game company shouldn’t have to police your play time activities.

Oh, and your always going to be behind in something in this game.


it’s a problem Blizzard- hell, just video game companies in general- have actively done on purpose for years to squeeze every last drop of time (and even better, money!) from it’s playerbase. Adding Skinner Box on top of Skinner Box. I think the change in rep rewards during Legion was a pretty blatant one- you used to just get to exalted and buy the reward you wanted with gold. From then on, you could mainly buy worthless crap, and all the really good stuff had a tiny chance to drop in a Loot Box you got from filling the rep bar again and again and again! Deliberately getting us as hooked as possible. I’ve overall enjoyed doing World Quests, but that doesn’t mean I can’t see that they’re also a part of that system/problem. I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t acknowledge that aspect. So could in fact say that Blizzard is trying to less predatory by reducing those systems even a little bit. However, I just really doubt that that’s why any of this happened.

They made a blue post about this a while back saying they heard people,etc.

Technically we already do have daily routes the repeatable ones. Such as turning in fish for 5 rep a piece or the trophies,etc. So sayin we have 0 ways to farm rep daily is out the window there.

No thank you.

Emphasis on their own internal discussions.

They’ve literally never listened to the community that quickly, or hardly at all, unless it was like, making major news sites levels of outrage.


Raiders and PvPers sometimes do other content as well. I raid and get AotC, I get KSM, I do a little PvP now and then for the mount sometimes, I do old content and new content gold farms, I collect pets/mounts I like. Don’t assume that the raiders/pvpers just do that content. I raid with my guild and do a handful of keys every week. The rest I spend enjoying other parts of the game. Heck, I can spend a couple hours just fishing because I enjoy fishing.

Also, professions are big if you like to make gold or to gear up your character. WQ are tied to renown and renown gives very important recipes for BiS gear. So, yes, WQ are important for people who do raiding or M+. If it’s daily, I will feel I’ll need to do them every day or else I’ll fall behind others I raid with and do keys with because they are tied to very important weapons or gear and I then have to cough up 10s of thousands of gold. The neck alone on my server had mat requirements of over 50k.

If WQ were not tied to any gear/power progressions, I’d say make them daily. I wouldn’t care or feel I need to do them.

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i like how there is less WQs but the rewards for them are absolute trash and they seem to get worse each week, i am getting more and more gold only ones and it really sucks

they did you just want to denied that players wanted this bi-weekly. You do you then.

honestly, this is one of the reasons im not getting DF. i enjoyed doing WQ’s with many alts every day, its why i liked Legion and even BfA (for the most part), it let me do what I enjoy. i dont enjoy raids or dungeons, never have, im old and my reaction times and eyesight arent the best, so i dont like pvp much anymore either. so now something i enjoyed was taken away cuz some people have no self control.


So those not serious about progression, but still like to do multiple forms of content, or are in guilds that are still progressing need not worry about falling behind or getting dumped for others who do that content?

Sure there is, it is called “respect the middle ground”. I do all WQs on multiple characters, with the 3.5 day rotation (full week on some) I can space them out and still have time to raid, run M+, do those other events, and still be able to deal with things in real life.

However, I could see certain WQs, especially the races and climbing, being on daily rotation. The thing is, anything that rewards gear or mats (primal chaos, matrixes, etc) should likely be on that longer rotation but if the reward is only ever going to be gold or rep, feel free to put it on the daily.

How can someone max out rep that fast? Maybe I’ve missed something along the way.

Thank you!

Nonissue now that war, and titan forging are no longer around. Wq gear was never much better than heroic, or mythic 0 dungeon stuff unless it forged to a higher quality. Sure, it would scale up a little once you got better equipped, but it capped at a certain point without forging. Raiders and mythic+ players never really needed to touch a wq that rewarded gear, unless they were just looking for something to fill up a slot until they got what they needed from a raid or mythic+ dungeon, or for mogs. Heck wq gear wasn’t even that good anyways with open world trash mob item level scaling. Legion, and BFA wq’s were a decent way for folks that don’t like being funneled into instanced content constantly to progress characters. They should go back to that model in my opinion. Just leave titan, and war forging out of the mix, and good to go. Sure as heck beats this mind numbingly boring storm trash mob grinding that you get in DF.

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I mean, considering that there are other, much more tedious methods to grind the renown for this power progression you’re worried about without any limit, I don’t see the point in limiting the refresh on what is the longer paced method that spreads out the activity in a way much less likely to burn people out.

World Quest gear rewards aren’t the issue. The issue is the rep you get from them. Professions can craft up to mythic raid quality gear and recipes for some of these pieces come from the reputation of the 4 primary faction reps. So, yes, some of the best possible gear in the game comes from world quests via rep. Remove the rep from it or limit it to X a week, then sure, make them daily with the lesser gear/gold rewards from it. Otherwise, those rep grinds are crucial for professions and the economy.

There were bugs that could be exploited for repeat rewards.