Blizzard PLEASE fix WQ's!


I don’t know what to tell you, man, I don’t eat pizza crusts either. It’s my money and my time. Once you start paying for my sub, feel free to start chipping in on how much of what kind of content I can do.

In the meantime, I’d like for there to be more of the thing that I like, so that I can do it more. It’s as simple as that.


Woah wait. The new forum buzzword is chore! World quest is so 2022 :crazy_face:

Yup. I spent the last 2 days playing overwatch instead of wow. In a week or 2 ill probably spend a couple days playing that or CK3 or something. It’s nice to not feel forced to login everyday. Dont feel like im missing anything. This keans i might play for more than 3 months before unsubbing for a year which is something i havent done since MoP

Yes I am saying that Blizzard controls the amount of rep/renown you can earn in a given time period. If they weren’t they’d give us back rep tabards.

Nothing forces people to do WQs. You can do them if you choose to.


One of the things that seems overlooked/ignored from the Blizzard response is that they want to come up with other ways to entertain the “casual/whateveryouwanttocallyourselves” crowd. Just give them some time to do it.

Happy with running Wrath classic, I’ll give them until Dragonflight’s final patch to add stuff I actually want to it. Sounds like plenty of time!

The problem is not when they add more content daily, the problem is when they remove content daily. It forces people to log in everyday or they miss something. If they added new content daily, but gave players until the reset to do the quests, i think most players would be perfectly fine with more being added more frequently. It would be win win for everyone.


Why is it people who use their personal thoughts to justify their stance always assume no one else has their own?

The timers are perfect. Try engaging in literally any other aspect of the game to fill out your schedule.

Cuts whatever content Nihilis likes doing down to less than half of what was previously available

“That amount is perfect. Try engaging in literally any other aspect of the game to fill out your schedule.”


My only criticism at this point is that the quests are too samey-same / not enough variety. I personally like the 3 day thing, or at least it doesn’t bother me. Except when it’s the same bugged quest three rotations in a row (Are you kitten me?!?!?!)

Why would a raider or PvPer feel they HAVE TO do WQ? WQ are created for those of us who who would rather not do raids or pvp.

I do not collect pets. Only the ones that I encounter as I play the game, but I do not feel like I HAVE TO get all the pets in the game. Just like it’s silly for raiders or pvpers to feel like they HAVE TO do all WQ.


Nope. They were going to be daily like WQs have always been. But players begged and begged to keep it bi-weekly. And thus we have what we have. Blizz didn’t do it to drag renown grind. It was the players who wanted this and it’s now what we got. Gonna blame someone blame the majority that begged for this not blizz.

I still press “X” to doubt on this one. There was some discussion, but they literally pulled it back within like an hour after announcing it on the forums, where with every other choice they’ve ever made they announce and then Groundhog into the sand, waiting to see the reactions for like a week before they say anything. It wasn’t even like there was Real ID or “no flying starting in WoD” levels of feedback, some of the forum regulars harrumphed about it.

That, to me, says that there was internal pushback from high-ups who hadn’t noticed what was going to be changed based on some metric rather than the stated ones. Blizzard has literally never been that reactive to ANY kind of community uproar before, and there wasn’t even a roar. It was a grumble, from a not-huge amount of people.

And I think that they’ve allowed forum regulars and Redditors and some scattered people on Twitter to come to the conclusion that they got it changed through their feedback, when it’s absolutely not the case that it was even a factor.


At this point anyone who was serious about progression has already maxed their renown and doesnt need WQ to not fall behind such as it is. Theres really no need to have the WQ be every 3.5 days now

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No, Blizzard was going to alter some of them to be dailies, not all of them. The Maruuk stuff was not going to change, for example. We don’t know which ones the other factions offered that would change because things didn’t get that far before the non-players had their hairycatfit.

And window of that idea being floated in its own thread, and the reverse course was about 4.5 hours, in what was really the first week of the new system where it was clear some players didn’t know about the new biweekly scheme at all. And a long holiday weekend to boot in a thread where 20 posters accounted for about 40% of the 2300+ posts. Yeah, I don’t believe the majority was asking for anything at that moment.

Blizzard just gave themselves the early Xmas present of not having to do more work.


directly compares what was available by the end of an expansion to what’s currently available not even X.1 patch on and cries a kid is like Skarm

“There’s nothing here, this expansion is literally trash.”

I think the World Quest situation is good now. You have professions and profession quests, World Boss, Feast, daily fishing quests, Pet Battle daily, PVP quest daily? You also have elemental storms, faction rep grinding, Wild Hunts, Seige, treasures as well as weekly dungeon quests before you go onto normal PVP, Raiding or M+ / or whatever your flavor dungeons, and around 40 world quests up per week.
And, if you have been keeping up with your renoun you have unlocked more campaign quests or faction based quests, also unlocking boosts for alts on renoun.

There is nothing to do?
What previous expansion had that level of variety of content?
World quests daily are going to fill that void?

For a solo player yes, it will. A lot of players have no interest in group content so quests are what they love. Hunts Seige and Feast are good but after doing them a couple times in the week the rewards arent worth the flight time.

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