Blizzard: "No Changes to Classic, EXCEPT for Warrior nerfs!"

What is the deal here? Getting hit while sitting doesn’t trigger enrage even though it did during vanilla? Mortal Strike bugged, and only doing half of its bonus damage per rank? Sweeping strikes not working properly??

Two are bugs that are not addressed and left broken, one is intentional. No changes means no changes, plenty of other classes have broken abilities and mechanics they exploit which are left as they were in vanilla and not changed, yet they’re going to mess with enrage and further nerf warriors?

Leaving mortal strike and sweeping strikes broken on top of it is too much. Restore warriors as they were during vanilla! No further nerfs while claiming “no changes”!!

Just why lol. Is this some PvP server thing I’ve never heard about before ?


What? Can you try that again in English?

Was changed during Vanilla. Is accurate to 1.12.

Citation needed.

Specify complaint, please.

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Its a PVE thing; you /sit against a mob, get crit, and that triggers your talents that only trigger after being crit. The increased damage you take is massively paid for in the benefits you gain from the enrage buff, making questing easier.

You can still force it by standing the exact moment the mob attacks you. Just like how paladins are still stacking reck bombs.

Are you really surprised?

Should’ve seen it coming when they nerfed infernals. This is blizzard we’re talking about. They are never going to keep their word

Tell that to hunters with the FD bug and how leeway is literally the entire deadzone now. Or just look up the massive list of druid bugs and nerfs that weren’t in classic.

It’s not just warriors- Blizz nerfed a lot of classes.

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You can stil make it work, if not needing to time it correctly.

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