Blizzard NINJA NERFS Froststeel Lockboxes, Herbs and What else?

you know? everyday i meet 2~4 mages who makes me unlock more than 50x boxes for them “it’s true they’re probably bots / gold sellers” But it’s amazing how they’re alive and kicking with their farm which all about RMT.

But when i buy boxes no one can open yet, and require level 76 & skill i won’t instantly gain unless maybe at 80 then that’s a red flag “I lose the boxes from my bank” and just so you know when i was advertising to buy those various type of players contacted me some had only 1box so most was legit players who happen to find that random box in mgt or kara or wherever and couldn’t have it opened and decided to sell it because i was offering 15~20g per box. " note that the box itself will drop green items sell between 5~25g so i haven’t done that to gain gold, i just wanted to level my picklock without backing in town later to afk and spam the macro “opening all boxes, tips appreciated”

which means, they opened your ticket and wanted to ignore the matter, typical of blizzard CS

They let people get access to TBC greens and enchanting materials in classic

I don’t know about you duders, but when I launch the game I see a Wrath of the Lich King themed launcher, when I log into the game I see the Wrath of the Lich King login screen with the Wrath of the Lich King logo, and when I create a new character I have the option to create a Death Knight which is a Wrath of the Lich King class with Wrath of the Lich King items the Lich King himself gives to me.


Why are lockboxes a bug but tundra berries aren’t?

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This is the dumbest logic and worst take

A bug is never identified as a bug until it is patched. This was patched.

Evidently, these being on the loot table was unintended (due to the patch). The fact these are a wotlk item dropping in non-wotlk areas should be evidence on its own

My point is there is no justification to be upset. It was obviously unintended, anyone stockpiling these should know the risks

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Where are the patch notes?

That don’t mention the froststeel boxes?

had a few on an alt all gone still have some furs and lotus cause they are on the AH tho

oh man i remember that …shhh let see if it works in classic xD

I fished the “not secret spot” for cata mats. Never got them removed.
I had 9 froststeel lock boxes removed and my friend lost a stack of frost lotus they camped on 3 layers.

Kind of sucks.


Also blizzard: 1.3 million XP solo in utgarde keep by mages, that’s fine :slight_smile:

I will. These folks dont listen to anything else.

Its not WotLK yet and it’s utter stupidity to think you were entitled to or deserved to keep things not meant to be in game. This is akin and on par with an exploit. You deserve no pity and you are lucky they decided to take the blame and just remove the items instead of punishing you

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so we should delete all DKs I mean as you say who do they think they are to be entitled to leveling to 70 weeks before WOTLK is even out?

Its always been like this. DK’s are not wotlk profession materials, dungeons, nor do they have access to the skills of wotlk.

Go to bed. Your nyquil is getting to be too much.

You are obviously not a vanilla player or else you would clearly know there was NO exploit lol.

Punish me for what? Playing the game? What did I do to exploit the game to get my Froststeel Lockboxes?

None of this stuff would have mattered. WotLK is going live in 3 days. The advantage afforded by having this pittance of materials already would be insignificantly small.

Pre-patches having materials from the expansion it was for is historically accurate to the original game. Removing these items is actually a deviation from the game’s original behavior.

Either way, it’s insignificant, but what is significant is how they didn’t communicate anything at all and waited until 4 days before launch to run a DB script to remove these items. There are actually important things happening that could have used some more attention but they elected to remove items from players with no notice or communication, items that if they were unintended, should have been handled within the first day or two of prepatch.

It’s just unprofessional no matter how you look at it, but reading your other posts, you’re just here to rile people up and be mean to people.


Rule nº1 of being a game development. It’s never the player’s fault if the game gives them something, so don’t punish the player. If they wanted these items to be unavailable they should have thought of that before players got their hands on these items. Burning players who paid gold for these items from other players is such a big No No that I have to wonder what kind of experience the people they have managing this stuff at Blizzard have with video games in general. Once the cat is out of the box in these scenarios, it’s 100% the developers fault. They can patch the method to get the items, but don’t delete any items that have already been generated. It’s not like they are rarities once Wrath launches.

Well done Blizzard. All you clowns tried to fk the market over day 1 by posting your herbs/ores/items with ridiculous price tags on AH got screwed over by KARMA. Not to mention you shouldn’t have access to those items in the first place!

Well considering the fact that Frost Steel lockboxes probably weren’t supposed to drop in pre patch, this is hardly a ninja nerf.

The items purchased at the Darkmoon Faire should be returned as they were sold by “Darkmoon Faire EXOTIC goods” vendor Lhara.

The audacity to show such bias, incredible.