Blizzard needs to make a dating site for gamers

There would be 500 men on the site and probably 25 women? You would never get a date if you’ve got no alibi.

Kinda creepy

no it would be this kind.

So it wouldn’t be I’m going to go play Star Wars and Be Hand Solo

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i think it was called facesofwow

And the console that keeps my chicken warm.

You always want to keep the chicken warm

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The Colonel will warm the chicken in yer heart…

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I mean… you’re not wrong.

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Doesn’t matter. They’ll never meet anyways.

500 men looking for naughty pictures of the 25 women, and only like 2 guys who are actually serious about a relationship

the rest are gay, and one is probably a cat


it already exist, it’s called World of Warcraft. It’s where I met my SO

I am a lawyer, I am not a cat.

I mean if you’re bi I bet it’d work out! I’m pan and like…idk. Not a prob at all. :joy: I know a fair bunch of people here don’t have their options spread as wide though, which is fine - but I just don’t know if it’d be the place for ya.

Won’t happen, players would “enjoy” that.

Guys, we don’t need dating sites - it’s not that hard to meet females if you join an active guild.

We already have females hopping from one guild to another every few weeks on a mission looking for guilds where they can make the guild master / raid lead / officer dudes fall for them to get whatever they want.

If they didn’t find enough dudes simping for them?
They promptly gquit, and then complain that “the guild was full of cliques.”
Rinse and repeat.

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LF for a bf 1800+ Io only

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Dam I am only 1799 io was close one day ill be good at wow

I know you’re being facetious but on a serious note meeting anyone on this game, even ignoring tiny percentage of a chance someone actually wants to start a relation with you and not just be acquaintances to clear dungeons (about the same the gear drop rates currently), is like finding your lover in a Walmart shopping aisle.

I shudder to think what you would actually find.

as someone who has had more than his share of actual “e-girls” from wow over 16 years…
I HIGHLY don’t recommend this, rofl…

the majority of girls who play this and are “looking for guys” have some SERIOUS baggage, rofl…

PSA: save yourself A LOT of headaches, and run far far away from this topic