Blizzard make my dreams come true


You got me on my knees, begging darling please… Let me make an undead Paladin. Think about it, undead can be priests and those priests can be holy. What that tells me that even though the light is a force against the darkness and undead even if one is undead but they devote themselves to the light, the light has the ability to not hurt them because the light is a beacon of absolute good.

That being said, is it not possible a paladin could have fallen, been risen as a death knight, broken free of the Lk’s grasp and sought to redeem himself to the light regardless of his current situation. The impossible pilgrimage, trial , labor pushed to completion by just shear force of will? You could even make a easy 1-10 questline about it.

Tauren rogue is pretty dope blizzard but I am sitting in my bed with a poster of an undead pally and a orc druid on my wall. Make my dreams come true… I am rubbing that lamp and looking for those wishes.

Thank you for your time,


I too, like Eric Clapton.


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And he liked someone else’s wife and that’s how we got this song!

Let me make an undead everything.


Turn undead always active.

Will of the Forsaken used on CD. Lol

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Upright posture first.

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Priests wield holy magic, but paladins are literally infused with the light, which is the official reason why undead paladins aren’t a thing, because trying to infuse an undead with the light destroys them.

That is, of course, until Calia, who was raised in a completely different manner from any other undead and is the first, and currently only, Lightforged undead. She isn’t a paladin but chances are she could be if she wanted to and could properly have the light infused. So, like her or hate her but she is a game changer and is the opening you need for undead paladins to be a thing.

Also Blizzard is starting to work on unlocking every class for every race, so… It’s inevitable at this point. Provided, of course, Blizzard doesn’t abandon the goal like they have with, for example, heritage sets…