Blizzard just did a secret nerf!

It literally just happened sometime today, they finally and regrettably nerfed one of the funnest items to use in the game.

The momentum redistributor boots!!
Whyyyyy blizz ughhhhh, they were so fun.
They made the cool down to 5min. from 3min. And significantly reduced the damage you do to players. So much for fun :frowning:

The what now?
Oh, a thing that could be used to delete people without warning. I’m shocked.

Everyone said it was going to happen… so I’m not surprised. I don’t fight players, but I was looking forward to doing it on some mobs, so I guess if it still hurts them, it will entertain me.

Super secret.


Yeah because you know how easy it is to just fall on groups of people right?

was that the thing they were tossing fits about in PvP inhere last week, lol ?

Not the momentum distributor boots!!! The audacity!!

Not much of a secret nerf when Rextroy does a video about it and inevitably a nerf comes after just like everything else Rextroy features in a video.

That, and also not a secret when there’s literally an entry about it in the wow patch notes/news: