Blizzard just buffed mage tower for guardian druids with this "hotfix"

Damn that’s crazy, they’ve been doing this the entirety of WoW’s existence but people keep playing the game.


They just nerfed kruul hp and netherstorm adds hp by 10%

netherstorm add hp was unchanged, only krull was nerfed and it was just under 8%.

Kruul was nerfed, but the adds were buffed. It made the fight harder. Lol.


No it doesn’t. You can always outrange the cast and avoid getting ticked, so you don’t have to have precision incap to not die if they’re stacked on you.

check the other thread, Kavix just put out

The adds weren’t “buffed,” but the change highlighted the importance of aggroing the adds with regrowth or frenzied regen. Again, it sucks if you don’t aggro them and they sit on velen and start the cast, because at that point its roar/orb (after the cast finishes but before the channel deals damage will stop them from immediately rechanneling it) or velen insta dies. But since you’re probably kiting around the room to avoid being punted off, you generally won’t be able to roar or orb and you wipe. Have to react and get healing aggro before they get to velen and start the channel, which is completely doable.

One might say bear naked :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Looking forward to putting this nerf to the test when I get home, my earlier 0% wipe pre-nerf will be avenged

Hmm. If it got tougher still, I think I might just go play Sekiro instead.

With these nerds at least to Guardian, anyone that puts in the work should be able to complete it. Now we will see who just wants it given to them without the challenge.

That never worked for me actually

as long as your actively attacking Velen/Kruul the adds will ALWAYS aggro you over Velen

ah yes, because super tight tuning and no way to ‘out gear’ it as alternate progression means every one can complete it…haha, lets forget people with hand tremors or other physical impairments, they don’t exist too right? They shouldn’t get a fair shake toward something cool because it needs to be hypertuned for frame perfect play


That’s the point. It was tuned that way. Now with the health nerfs it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Its been nerfed

Maybe you’re just not as good at your class as you think you are

well this definitely isn’t true, because my second wipe after the patch was them aggroing on velen and starting the channel while I was towards the outside kiting kruul and infernals, killing velen immediately when the channel finished.

It’s the same for me unless I get a galactic proc if it took only one moonfire like you say great but for me, it takes at least three or four moonfire to kill an eye

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it is though

it isn’t though.

Then you’re using orbs, which removes the moonfire dot from eyes because reasons. 1 moonfire fully ticked will kill an eye.