Blizzard is allocating resources to a NEW server instead of to EXISTING servers

clearly there’s a big misconception of “Mega servers” People didn’t leave their community behind when they left their old server. Their Entire community went with them, My original server was thunderfury, we were one of the first few “Big guilds” that left the server due to the lack of players and being unable to do end game content on alts and sometimes the main runs. As we left, more guilds were going to the same place, our community came with us, were still in contact with with alot of the old server community and intergraded with the bene community, and other people from different servers, you cant just expect people to leave the server, their guilds, gold they accumulated, and the connections they’ve made just for a shorter que timer.

This isnt a player created issue, its a blizzard created issue. the best recourse they could have done was to never allow transfers in the first place, and connect all the realms appropriately to where the factions of each server(s) were even when combined or left alone, then allow Server transfers if that failed, That path is still possible, create a new server thats connected with the server they’d be transferring off of and introduce sharding, hate to say it, but retail got that right.

some retail servers have a bigger population then bene, and VERY rarely see a que timer.
we Had 3 servers connected, Frostmane, ner’zhul and Toletheldrin. Our pop was 25k horde and alliance 26k, never once have i seen a que timer for Those servers.
i played on dalaran, sarg, and KT all high pop servers, never once had a Que timer, unless it was Xpack day, but it was only a 30min que timer AT MOST for 1 day.

All of this was done by a combination of things, like linked servers, sharding, and layering.


Where are you getting these numbers from?


from the current population of that time when retail was good.

Blizzard made a post yesterday in the Community Council forum saying that this is not true. Classic servers and retail servers have the same server cap.

" The issue we have here is also an issue on certain modern realms such as Illidan and Tichondrius when new expansions are released. They have the same realm caps we have. This is purely a perception thing, we are using the same hardware, and backend infrastructure for both games."

Also if you haven’t already read the Blue post from blizzard in that thread from yesterday the TLDR is that they cannot fix the que issue and they suggest that people move servers.


I personally don’t understand how they can’t fix the que issue there are other games with way more players on at one time. Also if retail has the same server cap and there is no ques on retail even on expansion launches then that would suggest way more actual players are playing classic and retails numbers are inflated by alt characters


I don’t think more people are playing Classic, but that is something we will not know because they don’t share numbers.

All they really said was that the Mega Classic servers are bigger then the biggest retail servers. but that’s only 3-4 servers total on Classic. Retails has a lot more servers then Classic. Also on retail being able to play with anyone no matter what server they are on helps with the issue. Why wait on a que in retail when I can move and not lose playing with any of my friends.

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That is a horrible solution to the problem. If you want connected realms, go to Retail.

This doesn’t increase realm capacity or reduce queue times, though they do contribute to overpopulation gradually becoming worse.

I super agree with them stepping in and stopping mega realms from being born though. And same thing with allowing factions to die.

I don’t think there are other games with more players with the same server style setup wow uses. The closest analog would be FF14, and they had hour long queues at the expansion launch. Every day I still have a small 1-2 min queue on the authentication server, not my home server though.

OSRS has their auth server, player DB server, and playable servers all separated, so you dont have a “home” world.

MOBAs and PVP style games dont even have dedicated shared world servers, they just have instanced content.

Idk but I suggest some fix to these ques and not leaving it up to people to transfer. Look at the hype and this is just prepatch imagine on actual Wrath launch. Investing more into classic will lead to a lot greater long term profits

Thats what im talking about, im not saying by any means make every single server connected, im saying make the new servers that serve the purpose of “relocating” players to a new server connected with bene/grob/fera then shard it. but only for those servers, i would gladly move if that was the case, i dont want to leave my guild, nor loose my double gold cap, if i could mail my gold from bene to the New connected server then i would.

If the NSA can keep billions of information on people all over the world on a server somewhere, someone can figure out how to make the servers split into more servers based on how many people are playing, if each zone is a separate data files (layers) there is no reason they cant make the ques split into different servers that merge together in certain places…

Retail has WAY more servers though. There’s no doubt that Retail is still where most of the playerbase resides. They’re just more spread out (but not noticed due to connected realms.)

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Yea idk im not a programmer but im sure in 2022 theres some solution. Theres amazon cloud servers I think they could increase capacity that way maybe they don’t have the software to support connecting existing servers to it though

Thanks for cliping a fraction of the sentence and twisting the words.
connect all the realms appropriately to where the factions of each server(s) were even when combined or left alone, then allow Server transfers if that failed.

No additional context is needed, because I’m positing that there is no appropriate way to connect Classic realms. It belongs in Retail only.

NSA keeps information on people, but you probably don’t have a lot of people accessing it concurrently.

Numbers of people able to access concurrently is a real problem that needs to be considered, and it’s entirely possible that Blizzard’s reached the limit for whatever they use.

I’d think they would have to redesign their backend. It sounds like they have a database service that holds player information per server, and that server can only manage a load of up to 15,000 concurrent connections before it stops performing optimally where people expect response times in the milliseconds.

It doesnt sound like a hardware problem, it sounds like an architect problem.

Right above bub

I think you’re misunderstanding me. I believe that connecting Classic realms, in literally any capacity and under any circumstances is a horrendous idea. No matter which realm it is, or how new the realms are, or what the population on the realms in question is like.

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