Blizzard I have an idea! Potential fix for mega realms

If this idea is viable then please name one of the realms “Bigalo” after my first character created in vanilla 2007!

I have read the post below about mega servers (link below) and as a developer myself I can understand the difficulties of limitation however I consider myself a problem solver and I feel I may be able to solve this problem!

Blizzards response to lag and ques

The idea:

It may be simple but it may also work, Create two or however many you want servers (i’d recommend two to start with and give everyone from the original server an ultimatum to choose which server to transfer to for free with a notice “Gehennas is going to be getting shutdown in 1 week please choose your desired destination or you will automatically get transferred on shutdown” Doing this gives people time to decide which server they can transfer too and when you decide 1 of the 2 servers is full then you could lock that realm (maybe give a days notice it is filling up and will be locked in 24 hours

I think the key is to force a realm transfer but to give the people the choice between 2 realms and maybe give them a little reward for it like a tabard or a shirt.

FYI I used Gehennas as an example as that is one of the realms with big ques and lag

I like your idea but i kinda think blizzard is waiting it out in hope that it will somewhat resolve by itself. In that perspective, i was wondering, i rerolled on skyfury for a fresh start on a fresh realm but there is actually a 10k+ Q at night. Already 4k in line at 5pm EST which is totally ridiculous… so why isn’t blizzard adding servers like Skyfury-1, skyfury-2, skyfury-3, etc… so if by Xmas lets say the game has really slowed down, all merge back to the original server. It would be easier for guilds to manage and a little less of a leap of faith to transfer because let’s face it there is a chance you will lose your people and its not reversible. #my2cents


There’s potential of splitting the mega servers into multiples, allowing people to choose, but still connecting those split servers back together using retail style sharding/connected realms/LFD/etc. Then people are actually playing on different servers, queue times are down, but they can still group together/quest together/etc.

Coming from someone in software though I would imagine that this would cost them quite a bit of development time and resources while ultimately not leading to direct profits so their higher ups are likely to find it a ridiculous idea.

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